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Alison Wonderland – CBD 500mg Tincture



500mg 30ml CBD Tincture isolate with MCT oil. CO2 extracted with organic ingredients, free of THC and GMO.

Recommended use:
Shake well before use. Fill the pipette by using the dropper top. Then, simply dispense the desired amount under your tongue. This is called “sublingual” use. Now, wait 60-90 seconds and then swallow the oil. Serving size may vary, adjust as needed.

Alison Wonderland – CBD 500mg Tincture

Introducing Alison Wonderland Tinctures – where nature’s wonders meet premium quality. Crafted with care and precision, our tincture lineup offers an extensive array of options, tailored to cater to your unique needs. From the calming embrace of CBD to the euphoric depths of THC, each variant is meticulously formulated for optimal effectiveness.

Choose from our range of tinctures, available in 500mg, 1000mg, and 2000mg concentrations, to experience soothing relief and relaxation without compromise. Moreover, at Alison Wonderland, quality is paramount. Our tinctures are CO2 extracted with organic ingredients, ensuring a clean, GMO-free experience with every drop. Elevate your wellness journey with Alison Wonderland Tinctures – where purity, potency, and perfection converge.

Benefits of Tinctures

Tinctures offer a convenient and versatile way to consume THC and CBD, making them an increasingly popular choice among individuals seeking the benefits of these cannabinoids. Here’s a breakdown of why tinctures are beneficial for THC and CBD purposes:

1. Precise Dosage: Tinctures allow for precise dosage control, enabling users to measure their intake with accuracy. This is particularly important for medicinal users who require consistent doses for symptom management.

2. Quick Absorption: When administered sublingually (under the tongue), tinctures are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream through the mucous membranes, offering faster onset compared to other methods like edibles. This makes them ideal for those seeking quick relief from symptoms such as pain, anxiety, or nausea.

3. Discreetness: Tinctures are discreet and easy to use, making them suitable for consumption in various settings. Unlike smoking or vaping, there’s no noticeable odor, which can be advantageous for those who wish to consume THC or CBD without drawing attention.

4. Versatility: Tinctures can be easily incorporated into various beverages or foods, offering flexibility in consumption methods. They can also be added to skincare products or used topically for localized relief, providing versatility in application.

5. Long Shelf Life: Tinctures typically have a longer shelf life compared to other cannabis products like flower or edibles. When stored properly in a cool, dark place, they can maintain their potency for an extended period, reducing the risk of product spoilage.

6. Gentle on the Lungs: Unlike smoking or vaping, tinctures do not involve inhaling potentially harmful substances into the lungs. This makes them a preferred option for individuals who wish to avoid the respiratory risks associated with smoking or vaping cannabis.

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Weight 1 g

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19 reviews for Alison Wonderland – CBD 500mg Tincture

  1. syeda06

    got this as my free gift. thank you wtf works wonders!

  2. nancypants12

    Better sleep and helped with my anxiety! This stuff works so well! love it

  3. GanjaGoddess (verified owner)

    stars for quality: organic and lab tested, tastes nutty hemp and coconut oil all natural 2 ingredient formula, helps with anxiety

  4. Fave (verified owner)

    Alison Wonderland 500mg CBD tincture

    Variété : 500mg CBD tincture

    Aspect : belle huile transparente

    Odeur : inodore

    Gout : aucun gout excepter la bonne huile

    Buzz : excelente huile 100% CBD

    Note : 10/10

    Commentaire : Je recommande cette huile à tous les amaeur de CBD


    Alison Wonderland 500mg CBD tincture

    Variety: 500mg CBD tincture

    Appearance: beautiful transparent oil

    Odor: odorless

    Taste: no taste except good oil

    Buzz: excellent 100% CBD oil

    Note: 10/10

    Comment: I recommend this oil to all CBD lovers

  5. Émilie Lavigne

    J’ai recu comme “free gift” et wow ça ne goûte pas mauvais comme je l’avais imaginer.
    J’ai bien hate de voir les effets a long terme.

  6. Wachiturro

    Awesome free gift. +1 customer!

  7. mochi

    My dog hurt his leg. I randomly decided to put some drops in his water and whenever I do his leg is magically cured. It helped him recover a lot faster. Whatever’s in here it’s really good stuff!

  8. SaiyanDoggo

    Works wonders on my anxiety right before my driving test! Will def order more and gift them to friends.

  9. BluNipz (verified owner)

    I have trouble sleeping, and since I’ve been taking this, so far and counting I’ve had 5 nights that I’ve slept through the night. That hasn’t happened in years!! I don’t feel as though there’s a “high” but I feel relaxed and definitely will be using this product in the future.

  10. Kathy Crann

    I was in desperate need of something to calm my cat, she has a lot of anxiety when it comes to taking her to the groomers. I was introduced to this site from a friend and they used it to calm their dog. I put a few drops of it over her kibble, I was kinda worried she wouldn’t eat it but she did! And I noticed a different in her mood after a hour. I’m so glad I found this!

  11. Hangyodon

    Truly blessing in disguise

  12. Mark M.

    Some drops of this delight under my tongue got all the day’s stress melted away.

  13. Stan Lee

    This cannabis-infused oil gives an enjoyment level that is unmatched.

  14. reese b

    i am drooling over this



  16. Rizzaholic

    papa feel so good😩😩

  17. Rizzillionaire

    my back thanks u guys hella

  18. k1ngkooosh

    wtf spoils me too much with all these deals and coupons

  19. L12 (verified owner)

    It’s early evening and I already feel relaxed from two small drops.

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