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CG Extracts – FSE Cartridge – Island Grape Fuel



Size: 1ML
Type: Hybrid
Strain: Island Grape Fuel
Crossbreeds: Grape Cream Cake x Wedding Cake x Triangle Kush

**Compatible with any 510 thread pen.

Points will not be earned on 25 & 50 quantities.

Full-spectrum extract (FSE) carts are a fantastic option for vapers who aren’t crazy about distillate carts’ intensity. Don’t get us wrong; FSE carts have plenty of cannabinoids! However, since FSE carts aren’t as thoroughly purified as cannabis distillate, they retain a more balanced cannabinoid-to-terpene ratio.

Fans of the “entourage effect” will appreciate the numerous secondary cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes in FSE carts. While THC will be the predominant cannabinoid, you’ll also experience some of the effects from supporting players like CBG, CBN, and CBC. Plus, with all of those natural terpenes, FSE carts offer an all-natural flavourful experience.

Oh yeah, and don’t worry about low-quality metal leaching into your vape experience. We only sell the highest-grade ceramic carts to preserve your vape juice’s flavour and prevent toxic compounds from getting into your vapour.

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29 reviews for CG Extracts – FSE Cartridge – Island Grape Fuel

  1. Sydney Mcdonalds

    Loving this flavour. Hope it doesn’t sell out!!!

  2. Wise

    This is fire

  3. racso

    makes me lowkey kinda sleepy

  4. London

    Tastes good

  5. william

    amazing flavor glad i listened to my buddies to try it out

  6. Maddox

    Never tried anything like this before, it’s truly amazing and I suggest you all try it out as well if you are looking for another flavor to try

  7. Kenny McCormick

    A bit pricier than other cartridges but it lives up to the hype

  8. Johnny Cash

    A great hybrid cartridge

  9. kushgobbler

    not too many people seem to buy this but it’s better for me so it’ll never be sold out

  10. bongblaster2

    a simple flavor that consists of wedding cake with a hint of grape didn’t sound too appealing to me but it tastes pretty good

  11. timothy yang

    a comfort pick for me, was my first one

  12. john w

    pre long lasting cartridge that doesnt burn easily

  13. Silvershot

    Grape tastes pretty good

  14. ramirez

    glad this one doesnt burn that quick like other ones ive tried

  15. HAVOC


  16. Yoongi D

    meow meow meow (I LOVE IT)

  17. Mason H

    Another insanely good hybrid cartridge!

  18. kudoenters

    smells like heaven

  19. thesauce

    never buying my shit anywhere else but here

  20. Steven Dinh

    This strain is so good, it’s transporting me to the carefree days of my youth.

  21. Gremlin

    If I’m being honest I got so high I had to call in sick for work….oops

  22. Big feet

    Perfect! Definitely has become one of my favorites

  23. Woot Woot

    Nice ass job with this one

  24. Mr. Perro

    I’ve never been happier than when I’m on this

  25. chuckdgaf

    this stuff is super crazy

  26. chorlox

    u guys got me fucked up

  27. zConvict

    next time im buying way more

  28. binglebangle

    wont be touching anything that isnt wtf again

  29. denny low

    sure does fuel me up gets me ready to go and do anything

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