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Grease Monkey



Bud Size: Medium – Large
Strain Type: 70% Indica / 30% Sativa
Texture: Normal – Sticky
Flavour: Diesel | Nutty | Skunky | Sweet | Vanilla
Medical Usage: Chronic Pain | Headaches | Insomnia | Loss of Appetite | Nausea | Stress
THC Content: 20% Highest

Grease Monkey is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the classic Gorilla Glue #4 with the delicious Cookies & Cream strain. This potent bud brings on the powerful effects and highly addictive flavour, flawlessly fusing those of its parent strains. With each rich inhale comes flavours of nutty vanilla and sweet skunky diesel. The aroma is just as delicious with an earthy pungency accented by sugary skunky diesel and a touch of vanilla. The Grease Monkey high is a creeper, building up behind the eyes before suddenly taking hold. You’ll suddenly feel a slam to the head of euphoric relaxation that lulls you into a mental state of calm and haze. This effect will quickly become sleepy, easing both mind and body into a completely sedated state that’s calming and relaxing. Thanks to these effects and its super high 25-27% average THC level, Grease Monkey is the perfect choice to treat conditions such as chronic pain, appetite loss or nausea, insomnia, headaches or migraines, and inflammation. This bud has fluffy tapered forest green nugs with sparse orange hairs and a coating of tiny clear crystal trichomes.

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41 reviews for Grease Monkey

  1. WeedGod

    Grease Monkey is my favourite of all time, can’t go wrong with it

  2. Kira07 (verified owner)

    Was decent but taste was abit muted was great sneaky stone kicks you in the ass wasnt expecting it

  3. Itoya

    Very nice! Got it in the sample pack!! Nice taste

  4. brad long

    hits you hard and fast..great smoke..will get more..

  5. Jaie

    Top shelf great smoke and tasty and smooth

  6. Piperisa

    Love this smell! Also has an amazing flavour and it’s a really potent sativa, perfect to start the day with energy

  7. Shadowanex626

    Great weed for a great price. this stuff hits hard but makes you fly high.

  8. Esther Wheeler

    Just as described, great price !

  9. Walter Garner

    Experience was good

  10. Menna Roy

    Enjoyed the spacey high that last for hours, great smoke for average looking buds

  11. Jim Figueroa

    Decent strain, good burn, OK flavour, no complaints

  12. Abbi Heath

    My go to. Always great for sleep.

  13. joey costa

    always has me as deadweight, goddamn this is some of the strongest kush ive ever smoked

  14. Nathen Roe

    This strain did not disappoint me at all, happy I ordered it! Super stoned with this

  15. Reece Willis

    Very thick smoke. Hashy exhale. I’d put this strain on high gas alert. Very stoned, very relaxed, heavy eyed

  16. Polly Rivas

    This strain has been helping me alot with the physical work I do all day. A couple of tokes in the vape and it leave me relaxing and pain free. Thank you.

  17. Rory Bailey

    Amazing Strain for pain also a great smoke

  18. KDizzle

    Its really good honestly, taste and smell isnt the best but the high is great

  19. Jackietooner

    I suffer from heavy depression and anxiety and this strain was enjoyable to smoke. It has a nice euphoric high that just makes me feel good.

  20. ladysmoker

    Smooth taste, and a great Indica. If you can afford the extra few dollars, I say go for it!

  21. sweetnsour

    WOW this is for sure a heavy hitter. Only a couple tokes and i was on a euphoric journey!! Simply amazing I highly recommend.

  22. spyrly

    Great strain to wind down. Nice soothing high.

  23. GreenAurora

    Nice strain, sweet taste which will leave you locked to the couch. Would recommend this to indica lovers out there

  24. apple bottom

    super bright green buds, can really smell that piney undertone. Gave me some serious munchies so make sure your’e near a food source!

  25. Cinderella9

    weird name great product

  26. Wesley

    Had a great experience using this

  27. Curtis P

    Strongest flavor I’ve had

  28. Aaron Chen

    I got higher than I expected and had to call into work the next day but it was well worth it

  29. Izzy

    A lot of weird flavors but they all came together really well

  30. pebbles99

    5/5 piece of kush

  31. Evan

    I had one of the most smoothest highs with this

  32. Lulu Yin

    Been feeling a bit nauseas lately and unable to eat proper meals but a friend gave me some of this and I had to find the source and order myself some instead

  33. flamingpizza1167

    high sneaks up on u

  34. Josh Lin

    3rd time using this and it doesn’t get old

  35. owen c

    will give you a great smoke

  36. Mugiwara

    Been fantastic to manage my chronic pain

  37. vertigo

    good for getting rid of headaches

  38. tyroo

    good for evening highs

  39. dylan rivera

    pungent skunky smell with a nice vanilla touch

  40. Luisfugly.org

    Hit my lil brother with a base ball bat, kick my uber driver in the knee WHAT IS THIS STUFF THE HIGH IS UNREAL

  41. nardooooo

    was pre decent high

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