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Magic Mushrooms – Great White Monster


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Great White Monster Magic Mushrooms, commonly known as and abbreviated as GWM, is a higher than average potency shroom. Originally a cross between the A-strain and Puerto Rican, but ultimately a result of accidental exposure to quaternary reactive ammonium siloxane.

This special strain is the only P. Cubensis strain known to have both albino and leucistic spores. The fruiting bodies of this magic mushroom are white like albino shrooms but it is in fact leucistic (partial loss of color pigmentation). The GWM is also known to have large fruits, slow to grow but prolific grower.

Great White Monster Magic Mushrooms are an albino shroom from the Cubensis species named for the unique rusty white spores they deliver. Great for the outdoors, this euphoric strain really intensifies nature walks. It’s good to note that the size of these mushrooms does not define their potency.

6 reviews for Magic Mushrooms – Great White Monster

  1. Skyone00 (verified owner)

    A prendre entre amis biensur. Agreable et buzz quand meme lourd assomant

  2. Chuck (verified owner)

    I got so fucking lifted off these…. was a fun and enjoyable experience with lots of laughing.

  3. joanie (verified owner)

    le meilleure a date bon buz puissant je recommande

  4. kenjisama (verified owner)

    Hi Shit bro im so high in the sky 5/5 i highly recommand this strain.

  5. Matthew Melindy (verified owner)

    So stoked to try this strain! Heard all great things and love all things mushie!! 💝🍄

  6. kenjisama (verified owner)

    thanks again always good 5/5

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