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Mix & Match – WTF Live Resin – Quarter Pound



Premium House Brand Live Resin

Mix and Match the resin of your choice – Quarter Pound

Pick 4 x 28 grams of your choice to make up a Quarter Pound (112 grams).

ALL 1 Gram Jars - Quarter Pound

Select this option if you'd like your concentrate jars packed in 1 gram jars.
For Quarter Pound purchases!

Live resin is a cannabis concentrate that gets its name from the freshness of the cannabis plant from which it’s made. Products extracted using the live resin process β€” flash-freezing the cannabis plant material, then extracting it β€” are associated with high-quality and flavourful concentrates.

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1g – $34.99, 3.5g – $99.99, 7g – $174.99, 14g – $324.99, 28g – $599.99

13 reviews for Mix & Match – WTF Live Resin – Quarter Pound

  1. Mimosa

    Good resin. I’ve tried most of the flavors and they all give a similar high

  2. Jckillian

    I got 3 live resins and some diamonds and they were all great would highly recommend will definitely be ordering again πŸ™‚

  3. weedandme

    Such a good MNM. good deal

  4. comonealis

    really worth every penny!

  5. grahamtenths

    These live resins are super fire. They taste amazing and the price is amazing also. Very fast shipping also first time buyer and will return forsure!

  6. corndog

    you cant go wrong with this pack! price wise, quality wise, its bomb in every way! every extract i received was terpy and so good!

  7. Jean-paaul

    You can really smell and taste the lavender in this its awesome. Your creative juices will certainly flow after a few hits of this bad boy

  8. Konnor Norris

    Oh man, I’m smoking some right now and yes this is all that ! Love the smell and taste, it’s not harsh and smooth

  9. Godwin

    love the quality of this product and texture is perfect, i can feel very relaxing on my body and good chill high.

  10. Tyson Rich

    This stuff is amazing! the flavor is unreal. makes me wonder if they add terps to it because its so flavorful i highly recommend

  11. JanicaS

    This will put you to rest if you need it haha

  12. Roma Castro

    i definitely felt that immediate jolt of energy

  13. Dorthy Leen

    mmm this strain is pretty good! Got that sweet hints to it. Nice and clean to smoke with as well πŸ˜€

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