Mix & Match 5 Dreamy Delite Stoney Munchies for 5% OFF


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Select 5-9 items to complete the Dreamy Delite Stoney Mix & Match to get 5% OFF.

Take the edge off with Stoney Munchies, Dreamy Delite’s delicious THC-infused fruit hard candies. Choose from 6 great flavours and re-experience stoney munchies with 2 great new twists, a layer of powdered sugar on the outside, and a little something extra high on the inside!

Flavours: Cherry, Watermelon, Green Apple, Blueberry, Grape.

Each tin contains 150mg of THC.

  Product Quantity
Dreamy Delite Blueberry
Dreamy Delite Blueberry Stoney Munchies


Dreamy Delite Cherry
Dreamy Delite Cherry Stoney Munchies


Hard Candy Dreamy Delite Fruit Pack
Dreamy Delite Fruit Pack Stoney Munchies


Grape Burst
Dreamy Delite Grape Stoney Munchies


Green Apple
Dreamy Delite Green Apple Stoney Munchies


Watermelon SUgar
Dreamy Delite Watermelon Stoney Munchies


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