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Tropicana Cherry (Outdoor) – 28 Grams



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Bud Size: Small
Strain Type: 60% Sativa / 40% Indica
Texture: Normal
Flavour: Fruity | Sweet | Nutty
Medical Usage: Depression | Fatigue | Stress | Anxiety
THC Content: 20% Highest

Tropicana Cherry (Outdoor)

Tropicana Cherry Cannabis is a slightly sativa dominant hybrid strain (60% sativa/40% indica). If you love a super heavy flavor, Tropicana Cherry is the bud for you. This strain packs flavors of sweet and sour citrus, ripe cherries, and earthy nuttiness. The fruitiness intensifies the more you toke.

The aroma is similar but heavier and sourer with a sharp citrus overtone. This sharp aroma will leave your eyes wide open. The Tropicana Cherry high is vibrant, making you feel energized and up for any activity. It’s perfect for handling chores at home or hiking with friends.

You’ll feel euphoric with cerebral stimulation that gets your mind moving. It helps shake off any negative thoughts. These bright and cheerful effects, combined with its 19% average THC level, make Tropicana Cherry ideal for treating chronic stress or anxiety. It’s also useful for mood swings, depression, and chronic fatigue.

This bud has oversized rounded forest green nugs with deep purple undertones. Light amber hairs and tiny frosty white crystal trichomes add to its appearance.

Hybrid Strain

Choosing a hybrid strain offers the best of both worlds, blending the unique characteristics of indica and sativa strains to create a balanced and versatile cannabis experience. Hybrids can provide a wide range of effects, making them suitable for various occasions and preferences. Whether you’re looking for relaxation and stress relief or seeking a boost in creativity and energy, there’s a hybrid strain to suit your needs. Additionally, hybrids often offer a more complex flavour and aroma profile, adding to the overall enjoyment of the cannabis experience. With hybrids, you can explore the diverse and exciting world of cannabis, finding the perfect balance of effects to enhance your well-being and elevate your mood.

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Weight 28 g

3 reviews for Tropicana Cherry (Outdoor) – 28 Grams

  1. Nathan M (verified owner)

    I’m NOT a seasoned smoker, and I suffer from extreme anxiety/panic attacks. I stayed away from marijuana for a long time because of this. This strain instantly puts me at ease and does not cause a single second of paranoia or panic. I take one good hit and I’m good. I feel endlessly creative, calm, completely aware. My anxiety vanishes and I can actually breathe. A truly beautiful strain.

  2. leoniefe (verified owner)

    Je l’aime dans le jour met de bonne humeur !

  3. Desireechloe (verified owner)

    Smokes well

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