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We at WTFcannabis strive to give our customers a wholesome experience regarding weed. Anything from gummies, fantastic vaping flavours or intriguing cannabis brands, you name it, we’ve got it. Enthusiasts who are more fascinated by growing their plants, tendering after them, and enjoying natural puffs and terpenes packed cannabis flowers of their creation can also find something in our robust collections.

Seeds by Holy Horticulture are quality seeds produced from expert breeding of various leading cannabis strains. They come ready-made with precise instructions on how to plant and tender them for top-notch results.

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If you want a cannabis plant in your backyard, look no further. Holy Horticulture has seeds for various strains.

Killer cactus is predominantly produced by the Malawi Killer Strain and the Cactus Breath strains. The Killer Cactus inherits the best of both worlds and is a Sativa dominant hybrid even though Cactus Breath is more Indica inclined. You got to be patient as it can take up to 12 weeks to flower, but trust me, it’s worth the wait!

The result is dense flowers of enormous trichomes with various terpenes ranging from earthy to spicy herbs or skunky, but still an excellent smoke for any occasion. The Killer Cactus is highly potent, retaining most of the high THC content from the Malawi Killer strain and is best suited for more experienced users. It comes with euphoric, head high and energizing effects.

Lime Agave is a hybrid exclusively produced from the Citradelic sunset and the Cactus Breath strains. True to its name, Lime Agave has a bitter-sweet orange lime profile from the Citadel sunset parent. The Lime Agave can take up to 11 weeks to flower, but with proper tendering techniques, the result would leave even the most ardent of users intrigued.

Lime Agave is a cannabis dominant hybrid with high THC levels, and some users have described the effects as energizing, uplifting and euphoric. It has an orange flavour and a slightly citrusy and bitter lingering taste. It is packed with terpenes and mainly smells earthy and skunky.

Base Mint can be described as a perfect hybrid produced from the Soulmate and Cactus Breath strains. The Base Mint has a unique terpene profile ranging from lavender aromas to underlying Cactus Breath’s earthy and skunky smell. Base Mint is a great anxiety reducer with soothing, relaxing effects.

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