Buy Cloud Concentrates Online

Cloud concentrates are the dream of any vape enthusiasts. Vaping has been revolutionary in cannabis intake, moving away from convectional blunt smoking. Cloud concentrates are all you need for a fulfilling puff after puff experience in your palm. The Juul pods and the Juul starter kits under cloud concentrates are worth looking at. A part from the ingenuity of their designs, they have distillates and strains that will take your experience to the next level.

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These pods come in ratings of 50X, 25X, 5X, 3X. They come pre-filled with a great combo of distillates. They mainly contain THC distillates and are therefore very potent. Users looking to indulge and withdraw to their happy phantoms will find Mix and Match cloud concentrates interesting. It packs a long-lasting euphoria effect almost instantaneously.

High THC contents, naturally derived terpenes, and free of GMOs, PG, PEG and vitamins E rounds up the authentic experience derived from these pods.

The starter kits by cloud concentrates are everything a novice or pro needs. The starter kit avails you with a rechargeable Juul pod device, a USB charging dock, and it comes with a cannabis distillate of your choice that has zero nicotine content. The device’s battery is long-lasting and can keep you going for hours.

The different distillates that can complement these awesome starter kits are:
Blueberry cheesecake
Blueberry cheesecake is a Sativa-dominant strain, a cross of Big Buddha cheese and eminent Blueberry. It indulges the brain, creating a calming but euphoric effect not surprising given its high Sativa ratio. It also boosts mood and creativity.

Master Yoda
Master Yoda has THC contents of up to 20%, meaning it can pack a punch. However, it is mainly Indica inclined, and it gives an uplifting balance that can soothe anyone.

Animal Cookies
Animal Cookies is a Hybrid cross from the legendary strains of Fire OG and GSC. It will charm you with a sweet, sour aroma puzzle and affects the brain and the body alike. It is efficient in quelling severe pain and insomnia.

Pink Kush
Pink Kush is an Indica-dominant hybrid that induces full-body effects. This strain is highly potent, and others even consider it overpowering, and small doses can eliminate pain, insomnia and improve appetite.

Purple Skunk
Purple Skunk is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain and a cross of Skunk#1 and an older Purple strain. It is uplifting and actively euphoric due to its high THC content. Some patients may find it intense on the psychoactive effects.

These products have high THC contents, and it is prudent to keep them away from children.