Buying Grade AA Cannabis Online

Regular smokers and weed users can tell you outright that the potency of cannabis increases with the number of A’s a grade is given. As such, many people tend to look down on any weed product below AAA as they believe it is of inferior quality and less potent at that. However, these claims are often wrong as there are some good quality weed in the Grade AA cannabis category. But what exactly is Grade AA cannabis, and what are some of its outstanding features?

Grade AA cannabis, also known as “dubs” or “budget weed,” is the Canadian market’s lower tier of commercial cannabis. However, even though it has a lower grade, it will still definitely be enough for beginners to get a good high.

Although this type of weed might not have an excellent cannabinoid profile, it can still attain THC concentrations of up to 20%, making it more potent than Grade A cannabis. Due to its comparatively low pricing and low potency, Grade AA cannabis is an ideal choice for people on a limited budget or newbie smokers with a low THC tolerance.

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Grade AA cannabis has a couple of unique features that distinguish it from high-grade weed products. Some of these features include:

• Appearance: They tend to have smaller and malformed buds. The flowers are usually darker and a bit messier, with the trichomes hiding within the flower structure.
• Aroma: Grade AA cannabis might not have the complex smell associated with high-tier cannabis, but it does have a decent smooth and pleasant scent.
• Potency: Grade AA cannabis can have up to 20% THC content. Some strains can even attain 24% THC levels.

There is no need to look down on this category of weed products as it has its potential advantages. Some of the benefits of Grade AA cannabis are:

• Available in a wide variety: Grade AA weed is available in a wide variety, and it isn’t uncommon to see AA- and AA+ products under this category. Moreover, it is available in different forms, including dabs, concentrates, edibles, and even flowers.
• Affordable: If you are on a limited budget and are looking for a weed product to get high on, then Grade AA cannabis is the way to go.
• Decent potency: Grade AA cannabis tends to have THC content in the range of 20%. Some products under this category can even have up to 24% THC content, meaning they are capable of inducing a fully developed high.