How to buy Grade A Weed Online

If you are a seasoned weed user, you might be conversant with the term “Grade A cannabis,” “dirt weed,” or “swag.” However, if you are relatively new to the cannabis scene and haven’t heard this term before, then you have come to the right page as we will explain what Grade A cannabis is, its qualities, and even some of the ways of using it.

Grade A cannabis is a term used to refer to the lowest quality marijuana strains in the Canadian cannabis market. It is colloquially known as dirt weed in the streets courtesy of its low price, low potency, and poor taste and smell. As it is the lowest tier of weed, it is meant primarily for beginners or entry level users.

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It is easy to identify Grade A cannabis in the market as it has several distinctive features. Here are some features to look out for:

• Appearance: Grade A cannabis tends to have brown or yellow curly leaves. The buds are tiny, broken and airy. It also has a lot of stems and seeds.
• Aroma: This type of weed has a dry, unpleasant mouldy smell that resembles old hay. In some cases, the weed might even emit an ammonia-like odour.
• Taste: Grade A cannabis has a harsh, earthy flavour that doesn’t resemble the distinct flavour of high-quality weed strains.
• Texture: It typically has a crumbly, dry texture. However, it may be sticky to touch if the weed is moist.

Despite the lower quality of Grade A cannabis, it still has some practical uses, and you don’t have to write off your weed stash if you are buying something in this particular category. Some of the uses you can put your Grade A cannabis include:

• Get high on it: Grade A cannabis contains between 10 to 15% THC content which is enough to intoxicate new cannabis users with low THC tolerance. If you are a seasoned weed user, you can use it to induce a manageable high, especially during the day. If you are a beginner, this might be the perfect way for you to start
• Grow weed: Grade A cannabis contains a lot of seeds in the bud. You can use these seeds to grow your experimental weed garden. However, ensure you don’t cultivate more than four cannabis plants in your home, as it might land you on the wrong side of the law.
• Mix it with high-quality weed: You can mix your bag of Grade A cannabis with higher quality weed to improve its potency, taste, and aroma.