How to buy The Green Samurai Online

Similar to the Japanese Samurai with their famed katana sword, the Green Samurai cannabis products are known for their diversity, consistency, and potency. It has established itself as a highly-sought after cannabis brand in the Canadian market, thanks to its assortment of THC-infused edibles and vape cartridges.

The Green Samurai strives to provide its loyal and continuously expanding fan-base with a wide range of products dosed with THC, the “high-inducing” compound in weed. This means that their products are ideal for you if you are looking to get high, but are not a huge fan of smoking. And given the potency and novel methods of administering these products, you can rest assured that their effects will start kicking in a few minutes, and sustain the high for a few hours.

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The Green Samurai specializes in the production of cannabis edibles and vaping cartridges. Some of their best-selling products include:

Candies: The Green Samurai THC candies are the ideal edible for you are looking for something portable, convenient, and discreet. Each pack of these candies contains 6 pieces, each infused with 25mg of THC. They are available in a wide range of fruity flavors which include blueberry, cherry, grape, peach, raspberry, and strawberry.

Cannabis Tea/cocoa mix: This is the ideal product for you if you are seeking a product that you can consume by drinking. It comes in 1000 mg packets and can be brewed into a highly potent tea or cocoa drink.

THC Cubes: These are powerful THC cubes that contain 300mg of THC apiece. Owing to their high THC concentration, THC cubes are the ideal product for experienced users looking for a highly potent product.

Disposable Vape Pens: The Green Samurai disposable vape pen is the ideal product for you if you are starting your vaping journey. It contains 1ml of THC concentrate and can last up to two weeks.

The Green Samurai continues to attract new customers and winning the loyalty of the existing ones thanks to the wide range of benefits it offers. Some of these benefits include:

Variety: The Green Samurai has a wide range of cannabis edibles and vape cartridges. And all these products have different appearances, potencies, and flavors, meaning you can easily find a product that appeals to you. Moreover, with such a wide range of products to choose from, you can try various products, thereby avoiding the monotony associated with using one cannabis product for long.

Discretion: The Green Samurai range of weed products offer privacy to its users as they don’t have the strong sour odor associated with smoking cannabis.

Consistency: The Green Samurai prides itself in its ability to produce high quality cannabis products that are consistent all through. This means that their products are of standardized quality and you won’t experience any difference in potency when using a particular product.