Purchasing Doobie Snacks Online

Thanks to a number of its innovative products, WTF Cannabis continues to be a trendsetter in the Canadian weed market. With a range of edibles, more so Doobie Snacks, has established itself as a favourite among cannabis lovers who have a knack for sweet things. It, therefore, goes without saying that if you want to combine your love of snacks with your fondness for weed, you should definitely go for Doobie Snacks.

Doobie Snacks are so popular because they are both tasty and capable of inducing a full sensory high that can last several hours. They also offer a great alternative to people who don’t like to smoke or vape. Moreover, it is available in various options, meaning you can always try a new flavour or product.

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Given the sweet nature of Doobie Snacks and the lengthy time it takes for its effects to kick in, it might be tempting to consume more than one lollipop, gummy, or candy at a time. This is, however, wrong as the recommended dosage of these sweet treats is one at a time. Exceeding this dose might result in an extended high that might be too much even for a veteran weed user.

Doobie Snacks are available as THC lollipops, THC gummies, CBD gummies, THC hard candy, and CBD crystal mix. These products have a decent cannabinoid profile and an excellent medicinal and intoxicating effect.

THC Lollipop
Long gone are days when you only had to administer your daily cannabis dosage through smoking. Nowadays, you can ingest your daily cannabis dose by consuming tasty and appealing cannabis-infused THC lollipops. They provide an enjoyable way to consume cannabis and help you control your dose.

THC lollipops are available in a wide range of fruity flavours, including banana, cherry, mango, pineapple, watermelon, and peach.

THC Gummies
THC gummies are rich in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the intoxicating compound in weed. You should, therefore, acquire a packet of these gummies if you are looking for an exciting and discrete way to get high.

CBD Gummies
Although these gummies aren’t as potent as their THC counterparts, they possess a more decent medicinal profile and are usually consumed as part of medicinal marijuana. They are capable of treating anxiety and inducing a relaxing effect.

THC Hard Candy
Are you looking for a portable, convenient, and discreet way to consume your cannabis? You need not look any further than THC hard candies. Each packet of THC hard candy contains six candy pieces, each having 30mg of cannabis.

CBD Crystal Mix
CBD Crystals are the ideal cannabis product for you if you prefer to administer your daily dosage via a drink. These crystals are soluble, and you can pop them into your beverages or dab them under the tongue.