1. FrankDaTank

    A good weed for the price, a nice mix, each bag is a mystery. I recommend.

  2. kdarmstrong882

    What a pleasure to have found! Aroma and flavor are one of a kind and out of this world.

  3. charles guitard

    love it!

  4. michael kolbuck

    great shake, great to cook with

  5. Keon Wilson

    One of least known brands but on my list for sure, not just because of the price but the quality high that comes with it too! Been searching around for a new brand to try out and the live chat send me towards this one and I was a bit skeptical at first since I haven't heard of it and neither of my friends but it turned out way better than I could have imagined. The taste was flavourful, high was a blessing especially after a long week of work and don't get me started on the price!

  6. J. Low

    Not the worst I've ever tried but not the best, the best in the sense is I wouldn't put it in my regular rotation but would use it again sometime in the future. B+ is something I'd recommend to a first timer or something that just wants to slowly ease into it. A little goes a long way which means it'll last you a good while depending on how often you use it or a nice treat to share with a group of friends looking for a subtle buzz.

  7. Daimz0506

    Some of the nicest bud I've seen let alone to come from a mom definitely jump on this if it's in stock when you see it!

  8. kdarmstrong882

    Such a ray of sunshine. I love its sweet, vanilla, gassy notes. Nice and smooth.

  9. DamnohClam

    8/10 taste 9/10 high 7/10 price

  10. Hershey

    The quality you get for such an awesome price is unbelievable! I feel balanced after using this strain. I highly recommend it, 10/10!

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