1. Simonbarberousse

    Jaime ce produit mais j’aurais aimé sentir plus le strawberry. 4 etoiles

  2. Simonbarberousse

    Il sent le blueberry il goute le blueberry et fume très bien. Jai mis 4 étoiles seulement parceque ce gout n’est pas pour tous. 4 etoile

  3. Simonbarberousse

    🤩 WOW je suis satisfait Du goût de l’odeur et du look. 5 étoiles

  4. Simonbarberousse

    Super bon doux agréable en blunt, en joint,en pipe YOU NAME IT!

  5. kdarmstrong882

    Great cherry/berry on the inhale. And that sweetness on the exhale.. Fantastic!

  6. Crew

    another hit love this stuff very bright colour

  7. Crew

    really pretty colours very nice strain

  8. Crew

    I've tried all the hash at 19.99 a g and this has got to be by far the best taste texture aroma 10 on 10 for price

  9. Crew

    really good strain the buzz hits nice taste and aroma are amazing just what you would expect from the name nice bright colour

  10. rickets

    can't even give it away, mostly loose airy buds with a few dense mixed in, smell is nearly non existent

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