1. Kira07

    Love it tastes amazing and easy to use strong taste of blueberry and good stone first time trying the green samurai vapes was good experience worth the price

  2. Dakota folkerson

    Insane for the price. This is better than the mixed buds IMO. Its still suuuper terpy and hella STINKY. dumps a decent amount of kief. Will continue buying until it's gone.

  3. Tih Arna

    Quite possibly the most potent mushrooms I've ever eaten.

  4. Tyler Williams

    Gose over grate every time

  5. Yannick

    Burn to fast nd a bit fluffy

  6. jopari

    Great taste and buzz, but they make me way too sleepy to enjoy for very long lol. They're perfect for a good night's sleep. I have on and off insomnia and if I just wanna fall asleep fast I take these and get knocked out within an hour.

  7. Alex D

    Ses la première fois j’achète sur un site est pour vrais service rapide produits de qualité il buzz vraiment bien je recommande fortement

  8. Jazz

    So fare so good!! Love your product

  9. CanadianMomma77

    If you have smoked the flower then you know this is going to hit well.

  10. CanadianMomma77

    Nice high. Very smooth flavourful, I hit it as my wake n bake, and ya not a morning dab. Zombie mode

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