Where to Buy To the Moon Online

If you have a knack for getting high and whatever you’ve been smoking lately hasn’t been giving you the experience you are seeking, then it is about time you try the moon rocks or caviar from To the Moon. Their high THC levels will guarantee you a moon-high that you have never experienced before.

Moon rocks, also known as the caviar of weed, refer to a nug of weed dipped in hash oil and rolled in kief, thanks to their rarity and high price tag. At first glance, a moon rock appears to be an irregularly shaped ball of kief with traces of golden brown hash being seen under the layer of kief. However, when pressed, the moon rock cracks open to reveal golden or brown weed buds that have fully absorbed the hash.

Usually, moon rocks don’t have any distinctive smell without being broken. But upon being opened, it will reveal a subtle scent of raw grass. It also has a foul earthy, or nutty taste with hints of sweetness, whereas the aroma of its smoke is earthy with a spicy dank overtone.

Given the rarity of To the Moon caviars, it is perfectly normal that many people aren’t aware of the right way of consuming them. Well, moon rocks are usually consumed by smoking. However, due to its unsavoury flavour, it is best smoked as a bowl topper. This means that instead of smoking it alone, it is sandwiched between two layers of the herb before being lit in a bowl.

Many would argue that moon rocks are expensive, and you could get better weed at a lower price. Well, they couldn’t be more wrong. This is because moon rocks from To the Moon have several benefits that other cannabis products don’t have. These benefits include:

It is cost-effective: Despite its high price tag, moon rocks can be used for a long time (smoked in small chunks), thus spreading the cost over an extended period.

It will get you super-high: As the name suggests, moon rock is the ideal product for you if you are seeking an instantaneous hit that will help you soar to the clouds. This is because it contains 21-26% THC content, which is enough to give you a mind and body high you have never experienced before.

Excellent medical properties: The high THC levels found in To the Moon caviars make them ideal for medical patients with severe conditions. This means it can help deal with conditions such as insomnia, chronic pains, cramps, and muscle spasms.