Finding the best Grade AAA Cannabis Online

As weed has been legalized in Canada, it has lead to a drastic increase in the number of weed growers and cultivators. This increase led to an influx of poor-quality cannabis flowers in the market, and to curb it, the “A-AAA” weed grading system was developed. In this system, weed was allocated a grade according to its quality, with Grade A weed representing the lowest quality, while Grade AAA meant the highest quality weed.

Over the years, the advancement in cannabis cultivation has led to the introduction of more potent weed whose tier exceeds Grade AAA.

Grade AAA cannabis, regularly known as “Trips,” is the most common cannabis in most marijuana dispensaries. In other words, it is the most sought-after Grade of cannabis as it is affordable and has all the qualities of top-tier weed. It has moderate THC and CBD levels, a strong weed aroma, and enough trichomes to fulfill the desires of most cannabis users.

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Many average and normal weed users favour Grade AAA weed as it is moderately priced and is capable of inducing a decent high. Moreover, it is available in a range of high-quality variants and strains, meaning they can get premium-quality weed while paying a reasonable price.

Seasoned users also tend to purchase this category of weed as it can induce a high within a short time, a feature that can’t be matched by lower graded cannabis. It is, therefore, unsurprising that Grade AAA cannabis is the highest sought after tier of cannabis that most seasoned stoners purchase.

Grade AAA cannabis is able to stand out from the lower graded cannabis products thanks to some unique features it possesses. Any long-term cannabis user can distinguish Grade AAA cannabis from the rest, but if you are relatively new to cannabis, here are some tell-tale signs of this category of cannabis.
• Appearance and coloration: Grade AAA cannabis has thick and well-groomed buds with a tinge of orange or purple coloration. The flowers are thick and green in colour and are dotted by purple, orange, or yellow trichomes.
• Smell and aroma: As Grade AAA cannabis is high quality marijuana, it has the distinct smell of marijuana, although it isn’t as pronounced as in Grade AAAA cannabis.
• The density of buds: The buds of Grade AAA cannabis are more closely packed than in Grade AA cannabis. However, the bud density is poorer than that of Grade AAAA cannabis.
• Colour of the ash: The ash from Grade AAA cannabis is peppery or dark in colour.