How to get CG Extracts Online

CG extracts strive to bring you the wholesome experience of different cannabis elixirs and flavours. For those looking to start their vaping journey, CG extracts are a good option. CG extracts have the entire kit, including various intriguing distilled and isolate flavours, disposable pens, cartridges and rechargeable batteries.

CG extracts have strains of cannabis that are either Indica dominant or Sativa dominant, and they boast of charming flavours that would amaze even the most seasoned of vapers.

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Indica Dominant CG Extracts

CG extracts have a handful of strains giving consumers multiple options. It is important to note that most Indica dominant strains are mostly hybrids that contain more Indica than Sativa origins, apart from the Pink Kush, which is heavily Indica and Berry White, which is 100% Indica. Indica helps reduce nausea, pain and is an appetite supplement with soothing, calming effects.

However, Indica CG extracts can induce a mild euphoric effect like that elicited by Sativa strains due to their Hybrid statuses. Indica dominant strains include:
• Wedding cake
• Guava cake
• Tom Ford
• Slurricane
• Pink Kush (heavy Indica)
• Berry White (100% Indica)
• 24k gold
• Member berries
• Bubba’s Gift
• Fire OG

Sativa Dominant CG extracts

The Dominant Sativa strains among CG extracts’ ranks are an exquisite collection. The Sativa CG extracts are precisely where to look for those looking for a bit of buzz with exhilarating, intense energy. Sativa often produces psychoactive effects (euphoria), energizing sensations and anxiety-reducing effects. Most are hybrid strains; therefore, they mainly pack a long-lasting high subdued with sublime calmness.

They include:
• Jamaican dream
• White elephant
• White buffalo
• Alaskan Thunder Fuck
• Afternoon Delight
• Candy Land
• Skunk Berry- that is 50/50 Indica and Sativa (the perfect hybrid)

Butane hash oil (BHO), colloquially known as shatter, has risen. With technological advancement, as industries delve deeper into cannabis production, the extraction of cannabinoids and terpenes from organic plants is on the rise. The result is the production of highly potent THC concentrates that are fast-acting and deliver instantaneous effects.

CG extracts, as a pioneer, delivers various Indica and Sativa products.

Sativa Shatter

• Platinum Champagne
• Hawaiian Snow
• Green Crush

Indica Shatter

• Master Kush
• Grape Ape

Hybrid Shatter

• Moby Dick
• Jilly Bean

Other CG extracts include CBD or THC distillates. These distillates can be consumed using disposable vape pens, also available on our websites. The disposable pens come ready to go, with distillates already prefilled. Those with a more precise approach to the distillates and strains they like can utilize cartridges by CG extracts.