Shatter is a highly concentrated cannabis extract typically made by butane extraction. Over the last decade, shatter has gained notoriety among the cannabis community for its high THC potency and ease to vaporize using a dab rig.

Benefits of Smoking Shatter

The main benefit of dabbing shatter is that it’s convenient for the user and offers a fast method for cannabinoids to enter the bloodstream, delivering near-instantaneous effects. With the increased potency of cannabis extracts, shatter users are also able to take on a “less is more” approach in using their cannabis.

Dabbing shatter simply means cannabis users no longer need to inhale large amounts of burning weed to get the effects you want. This is a great thing! Rather than smoking an entire joint and exposing your lungs to harmful chemicals in the smoke such as tar, consumers can dab once or twice to get the full effects of cannabinoids, inhaling only vapor – not smoke.

You can store shatter longer compared to wax or other similar concentrates due to its molecular structure. The downside is that some cannabis users find the hard consistency difficult to break up and measure out into individual uses. A tip to remedy this is to try lightly heating your dabber before using it to break off a dab from your shatter.

The higher the THC content, the more money you’ll have to fork out. However, if your new to shatter or your tolerance is low, you would probably enjoy a lower THC shatter, as long as the terpenes are testing well and the shatter itself looks good.

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Choosing the Right Shatter Dispensary

Choosing the right online concentrate dispensary is a tough decision to make. First, you have to look at their online trust factor. Then you have to ask questions like “What happens if your online shatter order doesn’t arrive? Or the quality is not up to your standards?”

To find a trusted online dispensary, we first have to take a look at all their online reviews. WTF Cannabis boosts 100’s of positive reviews on Google, plus 1000’s of verified customer reviews.

You can also follow-up by reading up on all WTF Reddit reviews from trusted online cannabis reviewers. Or better yet, join the conversation at Discord and chat in real-time with other WTF shatter users.

Last, it’s best to read their FAQs. You can find frequently asked questions at WTF Cannabis here. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, WTF offers online chat support.

For these reasons, 10’s of thousands of customers buy their shatter at WTF Cannabis Online Dispensary.

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