How to buy So High Extracts Online?

So High Extracts avails a range of premium vape and disposable pens of impeccable quality and a variety of cannabis strains that will surely amaze you. The strains are expertly bred to produce hybrids and the various popular Sativa and Indica strains. Check out our So High Extracts today and discover a world of awesomeness!

The premium vape pens we offer are cartridges of high quality and are compatible with most reusable pens around.

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Blood Orange

Blood orange (Indica) flavour bursts with citrus orange flavour and undertones of spicy harsh. It is high on THC and can induce a psychoactive effect and a calm, sedated feeling.

Blue Raspberry

Blue Raspberry is a potent Indica dominant strain. It is believed to be a cross of blueberry kush and produces an uplifting and relaxing, easy-going effect.


It is an Indica strain made by crossing Purple Thai and Thai. A sweet flavour of blueberries blended with a relaxing effect indulges you in producing a long-lasting euphoria.

Blueberry Kush

It is a potent Indica strain bred from blueberry and OG Kush. It is ideal for relaxation as it induces a heavy body sensation. It has a blueberry effect, and its effects will carry you away into a dreamy slumber.


It is a potent Indica strain with high THC levels. It has an earthy aroma with a slight floral funkiness and induces a strong, sedated and sleepy feeling.

Gorilla glue

An Indica dominant strain delivers an excessive euphoric effect that leaves you glued. A pungent earthy smell characterizes it, but the aftershock is worthwhile.

Grape Ape

Grape Ape is mostly Indica and a cross of the Mendocino purps, Afghani and Skunk. It gives a distinct grape aroma quickly accompanied by deep relaxation, which is great for stress relief.

Jack Herer

This Sativa strain induces a blissful, level headed and creative effect and is a renowned strain with a pine aroma. A great smoke it is!


The lemon strain is a hybrid that boasts of a citrusy flavour that is not overwhelming to the tongue. It is effective in creating a balanced high.
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Blue dream

It is a hybrid strain bred by crossing blueberry with the haze. Blue dream tastes and smells like sweet berries, and it stimulates full-body relaxation and improves creativity.


Grapefruit is predominantly a Sativa strain made of Cinderella 99. It elicits an energizing and happy effect. A tropical flavour and a citrus aroma will engage your taste buds and leave you overly satisfied.

Green Apple

It is a heavy Sativa strain and has a sweet apple essence with a vanilla undertone. Its potency creates an energizing, euphoric and uplifting effect.