The Best Place to Buy Hash Concentrate

Hash is a brown or dark green concentrated cannabis extract made by removing and processing the resinous glands on the surface of the cannabis plant to create bricks or balls of concentrated weed. The extraction process doesn’t involve the use of solvents, meaning the final product is incredibly pure and highly potent.

Despite hash containing most of the common natural cannabinoids and terpenes found in the marijuana plant, it is still less potent than most competing marijuana concentrates. As a result, hash concentrate is considered an entry-level marijuana concentrate that is best suited for new weed concentrate users as it induces a mellow high with little psychoactive effects.

Hash concentrate, which goes by several aliases, including hashish, is widely considered the father of cannabis concentrates and dabbing. Hashish reached North America in the late 19th century, but it wasn’t until the 1940s that hash concentrates with more than 30% THC content began to appear in the market. At the time, the product was mainly available in the form of hard-pressed bricks, but fast forward to 2022, hash concentrates are available in softer consistencies that can be bought online at WTF Cannabis.

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Hash is available in two types, each with unique features and traits. The two types of hash concentrates are:

Bubble hash

Bubble or ice water hash is a relatively new type of hash concentrate created by washing cannabis buds in ice water. It comes in various textures and appearances, with some being dry and chalky while others are greasy and oily.

Dry sift hash

Dry sift hash, also known as “dry sieve,” is a powdery cannabis concentrate made by collecting and refining cannabis resin glands. It is usually in the form of powder, and the fineness of the powder indicates the quality of the final product.

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There are several methods of consuming hash products. Some of the common ones are:
• Smoking it in a pipe
• Vaping using a vaporizer
• Dabbing using a dab rig
• Crushing and sprinkling it on a joint


Potential benefits of Hash concentrate

Hash concentrates have many potential benefits, which include:
• You only need a small dose to induce a high
• It is reasonably priced and considerably cheaper than most cannabis concentrates
• It is more potent than other forms of marijuana