Buying different Strains and Grades of Cannabis Online

Cannabis was initially available in two distinct subspecies, Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa. However, some people still argue they are two different species. Since the discoveries of potential health benefits associated with the cannabinoids in cannabis plants, producers have been breeding different varieties to create hybrid strains that elicit other effects in users.

They are genetic variations of the cannabis plant that give distinct aromas, effects and appearance. For a long time now, cultivators have cross-pollinated and precisely bred different strains to achieve desirable effects that appeal to their diverse, broad and ever-expanding fan base.

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The above three are the main three types of Cannabis. However, after years of genetic alterations in the quest to produce desirable strains, it is hard to find a full Sativa or Indica strain. Experts believe that there are close to 700 hundred strains of Cannabis, and the number will only increase.

Cannabis Sativa thrives in warm climates, and it tends to grow tall with thin, long leaves. It often has high doses of THC with relatively lower CBD compounds. Due to the high contents of THC, Sativa has psychoactive effects and produces a “mind-high” feeling. Users report energizing and anxiety-reducing effects. One can also become productive and creative.
Cannabis Indica does well in cold mountainous regions like the Hindu “Kush” region. The plant is short with a bushy appearance. Indica has high CBD content that balances out its THC content. Indica is mainly sought after for its relaxing effects, quelling pain, reducing nausea and increasing appetite.

Hybrids come in different sizes and shapes depending on the parent strains. They are mainly described depending on the dominating effects they have. For instance, a Sativa-dominant is likely to have energizing effects.

To choose what works for you, you should consider:
• What you are trying to achieve, medical or recreational
• Your tolerance levels

Sativa-dominant strains

These strains all have energizing, uplifting and creative primary effects. Like the Acapulco Gold, most relieve stress, fatigue, anxiety, pain, and PTSD.

Indica-dominant strains

These Indica strains have a calming, relaxing and soothing primary effect. They have also proven effective in improving sleep cycles, quelling pain, boosting appetite and improving mood disorders.

Hybrid strains

Effects from Hybrid strains are often balancing, Relaxed but alert. They improve mood, mental fog and social anxiety.