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Cannabis, once deemed dangerous and an illegal drug has come along in terms of legalization and acceptance. Countries have been selectively allowing the use of marijuana for therapeutic and recreational uses. Cultivators have been harnessing generational skills and adding their know-how to develop strains of excellent quality to cope with the created demands.

Cultivators adopt a small-batch cannabis growing technique, also known as artisanal cannabis. This small-scale approach gives them a hands-on approach for quality products. The attention and detailed growing procedures from seedling to harvesting enable cultivators to develop the best cannabis.

Craft cannabis emphasizes quality over quantity, unlike commercial cannabis and ultimately brings forth the best flavours, aromas and favourable genetic variations.

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Due to the small operations, Cultivators have better oversight in production and quality control. They can tend crops and maintain a consistency of top-quality products desired by their consumers.
Preservation of trichomes
Trichomes are the resinous hairs that contain terpenes and cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Craft cannabis is trimmed by hand; therefore, the aromatic terpenes and cannabinoids that give various feelings are preserved.
It is a sustainable practice.
Craft cannabis does not employ large tracks of land that will demand more quantities of water or electricity for indoor farming. It uses eco-friendly methods that produce premium products that large-scale operations might not replicate efficiently.
Supports the small businesses
Given the work farmers put in to produce high-quality cannabis, it’s only fair they are rewarded favorably.
Craft cannabis is packed with quality, undoubtedly, but this comes at a price due to the intricate and detailed work of craft cannabis production. Artisanal cannabis fork out a bit more than commercial cannabis in prices and are less affordable to many, and cultivators find it hard to compete with established commercial cannabis companies.

Commercial cannabis pays keen interest in quantity to maximize profits. Most commercial cannabis enterprises are old school and packed with high THC contents. On the contrary, craft cannabis optimizes terpenes for natural scents, safe products with original organic composition and a balanced cannabinoid ratio due to its extensive genetic variations. Some commercial cannabis can be high quality, but it’s hard to hold them to the standards of craft cannabis.

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