How to find Naturally Farmed Cannabis?

The High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts (HTFSE) cartridges provide a variety of potent extracts to choose from, all naturally produced with highly refined concentrates that retain the pure terpene essence of a cannabis plant. These HTFSE cartridges have proven to be more potent than other cartridges on the market. The effects also last much longer once they kick in.

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Tranquil Elephantizer x Miami Vice

The combination of Tranquil Elephantizer and the Miami vice is intriguing. The Tranquil Elephantizer, being more Indica dominant, usually elicits sensual effects used to please the body. It also leaves you calmly sedated with a soothing feeling. Miami vice is a hybrid and contains high THC levels. The reverse combined effect is something no words can put into context. Get yours now and fill the thrill.

Cafghani X Scarlet Fire

Both the Cafghani and Scarlet Fire are Indica marijuana strains; therefore, their high quickly hits and spreads all over the body in a soothing effect. Your thoughts aren’t focused, and you are lost in your phantom world. The cafghani has a unique sweet and earthy flavour, while the Scarlet Fire has a serene woody flavour.

Double Alien 18

It is an Indica-dominant strain produced by the legendary OG 18 and the underrated Martian Kush. Double Alien has a more balancing effect with the cerebral stimulation and the physical relaxation aspects. It has a sour flavour, but the aftershock is worth it!

Moby Hash

Moby hash is a mostly Sativa strain with high THC contents of up to 18%. It induces a more intense and psychoactive effect. Jazzing to these strains will also accelerate you physically and mentally from its energizing effects.

CBD Mango Haze

This concentrate is sweet and pleasant, with spicy and sweet notes of Mango upon inhaling. It is packed with CBD, an uplifting Sativa-dominant strain, and appeals to most medical cannabis patients.

Super Silver Haze

It is a Sativa strain made from crossing skunk, Northern lights and Haze. The Super silver haze packs an energetic, long-lasting body high. The uplifting effects are ideal for high-stress levels.

18 Pakistani X Whitney

The cartridge contains both of these exquisite concentrates. You get to mix and match the 18 Pakistani that primarily have an acidic and citrus aroma to the whitey that is mostly Sativa. The high can vary between relaxing and mentally stimulating.

Ultra-Sour Chem

It is a Sativa dominant hybrid of Mk ultra and East coast sour diesel strains. The Ultra-sour chem smashes into your brain and gives energy and razor-sharp focus to indulge in various activities.


Chocolope is a Sativa strain produced from Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze. A puff will indulge your tongue with sweet coffee and chocolate flavour, accompanied by a natural, earthy flavour. It induces a dreamy, cerebral effect.

Lemon Sunrise X Zurple Punch

Lemon sunrise is Sativa-dominant and gives a lemon candy flavour, great for the tongue. It has an induced high that comes on fast and can be overbearing to new users.

The purple punch in the cartridge is potent hybrid marijuana that gives a more balanced high and relaxing effect. Your senses are indulged by sweet and floral aromas with hints of black licorice.

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