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BC Kush


Bud Size: Small – Large
Strain Type: 100% Indica
Texture: Normal – Sticky
Flavour: Citrus | Creamy | Grapefruit | Sweet
Medical Usage: Chronic Pain | Inflammation | Muscle Spasms | Stress | Tremors
THC Content: 23% – 27% Highest

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BC Kush

BC Kush is the undisputed rockstar of indicas, hailing from the legendary BC Bud Depot. This strain was born from the union of BC Grapefruit and Kush, creating a pure indica powerhouse that has clinched the prestigious Cannabis Cup twice for Best Indica. Its lineage boasts a rich heritage rooted in highly potent Afghani indica strains, making it one of the strongest cannabis plants known today.

Despite its potency, BC Kush maintains a moderate THC level, typically ranging from 15-20%. What sets it apart is its versatility, with three distinct breeds to choose from: Pink, Purple, and OG. Each offers a unique experience, catering to a variety of preferences and moods.

Users often describe a euphoric head rush that gives way to a blissful, couch-locked state. This high is characterized by bursts of creativity and social energy, balanced by a deep sense of relaxation. It’s the perfect party companion for your mind and body.

Beyond its recreational appeal, BC Kush is highly valued for its therapeutic benefits. It is particularly effective in treating pain, inflammation, and autoimmune disorders. The nugs are like little nuggets of joy, with their olive-green hue, woven with orange hairs, and sparkling with crystals.

Despite its pungent skunk aroma, the taste is surprisingly creamy and earthy, making each hit a delightful experience. So, if you’re in the market for a strain that not only delivers a powerhouse high but also promises a fun and flavourful ride, BC Kush is your golden ticket to bliss!

Indica Strain

Indica strains offer relaxing and sedating effects, making them perfect for evenings. They help reduce stress, anxiety, and insomnia, promoting calmness. Indicas are also effective at easing pain and inflammation, which is beneficial for chronic pain sufferers. They relax muscles, relieve spasms and cramps, and increase appetite. While indicas are known for sedation and couch-lock, they can also improve mood and induce feelings of happiness and euphoria, albeit less intensely than sativas.

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Weight 28 g

20 reviews for BC Kush

  1. Ghostwalk

    Can’t wait till this arrives! Had this strain multiple times before and if it’s anything like the other dub As on this site, I’m sure it will be the best yet! Get some quick before it’s gone!

  2. Smoker420x

    Tried this stuff out with average expectations and was blown away! Definately a good bag of smoke

  3. cameron bernal (verified owner)

    Decent smoke with a great colour on the buds!

  4. Smokestarr

    Not bad at all! Nice bag of smoke

  5. Samantha Caldwell (verified owner)

    Great smoke, a little harsh but for the price it was a great deal. Thanks WTF!

  6. superdude2000 (verified owner)

    Slightly crappy trim/harsh but got me pretty stoned, cant complain for the price

  7. William Banitsiotis (verified owner)

    It looks decent, and was coated in crystals. However, for the price I was expecting a little better trim and terp profile/flavoour of the weed. However, it still gets you stoned quite nicely, so 3/5 for me for this batch (mid july batch)

  8. johnnycoolfri (verified owner)

    Nice bigger sized nugs that came nice dense and frosty, has an almost nutty/earthy smell to it that is quite nice. The high is very relaxing and great for body pain without knocking you right out cold. $130oz is a great deal

  9. francois (verified owner)


  10. Sookeperson (verified owner)

    Really nice all around, hidden gem here for the price.

  11. BuDsTeR (verified owner)

    Nice frosty nugs nose wasnt the strongest but still there and smells good burns nice and hits nice i always enjoy wtf products never disappoints

  12. Kevin Sarkar (verified owner)

    Really nice indica

  13. Jeffrey hudon (verified owner)

    Great indica smell 7/10 taste 8.5/10 and pretty normal nugs a good over all thans wtf

  14. MaestroMusic (verified owner)

    Best I’ve had yet! Super fresh and potent, the buds were fluffy and sticky with a decent trim. 5/5

  15. Ghost.One (verified owner)

    10/10, petit commantaire negatif.
    Acheter 2 oz le matin et 6h plus tard WTF affiche 30% de promo . Un peux decevant les promos devraient etre afficher 12h d’avance . Bref tres bon gout et un buzz purement indica. J’aurais mis 5 etoiles mais…le service a la clientel a manger un coup dur sur cette situation

  16. mimics (verified owner)

    Pretty decent sized buds, got a lot of purple color in mine, smells real nice

  17. Bman (verified owner)

    Call your mom and tell her you found the kush of your dreams. This looks exactly the way you would expect from a quality kush. Dark compact, heavily frosted buds. Smells gassy and pungent and packs a wallop. Burns very clean and is excellent value for the price!

  18. JMacK (verified owner)


  19. JMacK (verified owner)

    This is very good

  20. Ty Stick (verified owner)

    pretty reliable buy. had a few different batches of this. classic kush

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