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Clouds Concentrates – JUUL THC Starter Kit – Master Yoda



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1 x Rechargeable JUUL Device

1 x 500mg Master Yoda HYBRID THC Pod (No Nicotine)

1 x USB Charging Dock

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With lab-tested THC levels that reach over 20%, strong medicine, Master Yoda is. This strain, however, is not about brute “Force,” as the original Master Yoda would know, and the sativa side of this mostly indica buzz has just enough of an uplifting balance to please just about anyone. Master Yoda clinched 1st Place at High Times Los Angeles Cannabis Cup in 2012, where the OG Kush and Master Kush cross was already a local favourite. Growers also like this strain for its hybrid resilience and its 8 week flowering time.

Ingredients: THC Distillate, Naturally Derived Terpenes.

Natural Ingredients: Non-GMO and Lab tested. Free of PG, PEG, and Vitamin E.

Warning: This product is intended for use by adults aged 19+. This product contains THC and should be kept away from children and pets. Enjoy responsibly.

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18 reviews for Clouds Concentrates – JUUL THC Starter Kit – Master Yoda

  1. K_I_E_F (verified owner)

    So I bought a bunch of dab pens off this site. One of these were the Master Yoda. My oh my. This kit is excellent! The flavor of this pod is unbelievable.
    If you were going to get any kit from the Juul dab pens this is the one!

  2. Kevin Sarkar (verified owner)

    Crazy flavor and nice kit

  3. Kira07 (verified owner)

    I loved it tasted amazing first time trying out a juul so bought other pods to this one and blueberry cheesecake where my favorite ones

  4. benny

    definitely the best tasting one on here

  5. dennyr

    loved this flavor

  6. MistyMisa

    Device works amazing, it not only tastes great but it gives you a really smooth high. A portable and convenient way to get high that you can also buy pods for to refill

  7. Enzo

    Felt like I was floating

  8. Drocks1

    nice ass hybrid

  9. martin cruz

    hot damn this one just fills your nose up with the best smells

  10. Bigbirdman

    Hold ur horses bc ur abt to see jesus 10/10

  11. El gato

    Love adding this oil to my popcorn before the movies its an out of this world experience yall gotta try this

  12. Mr. Perro

    Helps me get through my day

  13. chuckdgaf

    bow down to my king

  14. chorlox

    smells so good

  15. YourLocalBeanur

    Country music kinda sounding good when you’re high

  16. binglebangle

    willing to risk everything for more of this

  17. funnybunny12

    i love how these lasts a long ass time


    Can’t quite describe the flavor but it tastes muy caliente

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