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Donkey Breath THC Indica Distillate Syringes – 1ML



Size: 1ml
Type: Indica

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Donkey Breath THC Distillate Syringes

Donkey Breath THC Distillate Syringes is a rare indica-dominant hybrid (70% indica/30% sativa), a cross between Grease Monkey and Triple OG strains. Despite its peculiar name, it offers a savoury, pungent flavour and uplifting effects cherished by indica enthusiasts. With a spicy skunky taste and hints of earthy pine and herbs, it emits a heavy, pungent aroma with diesel, skunk, and pine notes. Its high begins with a euphoric lift followed by a relaxing body buzz, inducing sleepiness and couch-lock. With an average THC level of 26-28%, it’s favoured for treating chronic stress, insomnia, pain, migraines, and nausea. The buds are long, tapered, olive-green, with amber hairs and a thick coating of golden crystal trichomes.

CG Extracts

Discover CG Extracts premium THC Distillate Syringes. Meticulously processed for maximum potency and purity, each syringe delivers a concentrated dose of high-quality THC, perfect for both recreational and medicinal users. With advanced extraction techniques, we remove impurities to create a crystal-clear distillate boasting unparalleled clarity and potency.

Our syringes are simple enough for users of any level. Simply twist off the cap for precise dosage control, allowing you to tailor your consumption to your preferences. From dabbing and vaporizing to infusing into recipes, our versatile syringes offer endless possibilities for enjoyment.

At CG Extracts, quality and safety are our top priorities. Our THC Distillate Syringes undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest standards for purity and potency. Trust in our commitment to clean and consistent cannabis experiences. Elevate your enjoyment with CG Extracts THC Distillate Syringes today.

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37 reviews for Donkey Breath THC Indica Distillate Syringes – 1ML

  1. Sexxxyboy420 (verified owner)

    Awesome product!

  2. Tom T (verified owner)

    Amazing! Get this for sure

  3. PuffMcGruff

    Really nice distillate with a taste! Hard to find ones with this much taste.

  4. Chuck

    Beautiful distillate and fills your cartridges up with ease and no mess.

  5. Ghostwalk

    Wicked stuff supper happy with how this stuff taste and how fast it was to show up. Never let me down! Great strain with lots of flavor.

  6. Smoker420x (verified owner)

    Amazing stuff, quality distallite and a good flavor

  7. francois (verified owner)

    10/10 wooooowww

  8. JoeExotic (verified owner)

    don’t let the name discourage you lol it is a tasty product

  9. Devin Bayley (verified owner)

    The flavour is great, and the high is even better! I wish I got more than just one of this strain.

  10. francois (verified owner)


  11. Stefan Andrews (verified owner)

    Great product, awesome deals

  12. BuDsTeR (verified owner)

    Another great buy with this one always enjoy these syringes dont miss out on these guys buy em up! wtf cant be beat with these prices i love it!

  13. Ranni (verified owner)


  14. WeeBo (verified owner)

    Loved the Strain name, love the product.

  15. graphicsfx (verified owner)

    Excellent for topping off a gummy recipe with cannabutter. Gave it the extra punch it needed.

  16. Jessica Perez

    Ignore the name for a moment because once you give this syringe a shot you will forget all about it

  17. Tony M

    Name threw me off but the product itself is amazing

  18. Steve Orsen

    excellent product

  19. Taylor

    speedy ass delivery and tasty ass product

  20. eric cartman

    i wanna know how they named this product….otherwise it’s super good

  21. buckette

    who knew donkeys breath would be the answer to all my back problems

  22. Linda D

    Can never go wrong with any of these flavors even if they got a weird name

  23. bobina

    great for when u just want to kick back and relax, forget about ur problems

  24. Annie L

    Been running a lot more lately and this has been perfect to help me wind down

  25. milanteam

    dis name is so weird but taste so yummmy

  26. LEGOCryptic

    Has a nice kick during the exhale

  27. ScopeX

    Smells way better than donkey breath xD

  28. tez

    gave me the best high

  29. diorlover29

    who knew how good donkey breath smelled

  30. eden b

    has a super pungent smell to it

  31. xZero

    yoo this one is gas

  32. Jasper A

    Gave me such an exhilarating high, couldn’t stop bouncing off the walls

  33. Eric Stewart

    Being high brings me to a different place, a place of relaxation

  34. JADE H



    i can just keep going on how good these products r but how bout i shut up and yall try it

  36. MisterJoey

    This syringe made me melt into my bed

  37. kettlecorn

    terrific indica strain

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