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Bud Size: Small – Medium
Strain Type: 70% Indica / 30% Sativa
Texture: Sticky
Flavour: Berry | Cherry | Diesel | Fruity | Menthol | Sweet
Medical Usage: Appetite Loss | Chronic Pain | Depression | Insomnia | Nausea | Stress
THC Content: 23% – 27% Highest

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Embark on an unforgettable flavour adventure with Gushermintz, the indica-dominant hybrid that tantalizes your taste buds and uplifts your spirits! This exquisite strain blends Kush Mints, F1 Durbs, and Gushers, making it a true delicacy for cannabis connoisseurs.

Imagine this: as you take your first hit, Gushermintz greets you with a sweet, sugary symphony of berry cherry goodness. It dances across your palate. Just as you revel in the sweetness, a burst of sour citrus comes alive, adding a delightful tang. And just when you think it couldn’t get any better, a cool menthol finish sweeps in, leaving behind a refreshing sensation that lingers long after you exhale.

But Gushermintz isn’t just about its tantalizing flavours. It also delivers a blissful high that starts with a wave of euphoria, lifting your mood and freeing your mind of worries. This cerebral experience is soon followed by a gentle, soothing body buzz that melts away tension and leaves you in a state of pure relaxation.

With a THC content ranging from 19% to 20%, Gushermintz is a versatile strain that you can enjoy at any time of the day. Whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day or simply want to add some excitement to your cannabis routine, Gushermintz is the perfect choice.

So, if you’re craving a fun, flavourful cannabis experience that brings relaxation and bliss, look no further than Gushermintz. It’s not just a strain; it’s an adventure waiting to be savoured!

Indica Strain

Indica strains offer relaxing and sedating effects, making them perfect for evenings. They help reduce stress, anxiety, and insomnia, promoting calmness. Indicas are also effective at easing pain and inflammation, which is beneficial for chronic pain sufferers. They relax muscles, relieve spasms and cramps, and increase appetite. While indicas are known for sedation and couch-lock, they can also improve mood and induce feelings of happiness and euphoria, albeit less intensely than sativas.

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32 reviews for Gushermintz

  1. Tigouim (verified owner)

    Insane product.

  2. Murray111 (verified owner)

    Looks beautiful, not potent though

  3. Michael

    Really good weed! Smooth burn

  4. Bradley Hamilton

    Nice and sticky! Makes rolling a breeze~ 5/5

  5. BlazinJazn

    Good Shit

  6. Blazingamer

    Currently a sale for this, run don’t walk! Better than I expected when I got it.

  7. Ben

    Great value for the quality. I really like this strain at bedtime

  8. Scott Burns

    Great delivery service. Pink Kush is a great Indica weed strain. I’m glad I can have it delivered to my door.

  9. Richard

    This batch is absolutely amazing. Probably the best weed I’ve got from this site, including the craft cannabis.

  10. Finnian Stamp

    Great product wonderful smoke clean and tasty. Long lasting high. Best for night time use.

  11. Tammy Lee

    Tasting and nice smell nice buds beautiful colour

  12. Emerson Day

    Great strain. If you see this strain get it. Don’t always go by the THC percentage. It’s so much more to the high than that! Enjoy.

  13. monkeyboy

    great help with my insomnia. kept me calm and relaxed. i stayed in and focussed on a movie.

  14. candylandpie

    Great strain, buds were extremely moist when I opened the package. The smell was potent but very nice and floral. Buzz was smooth and a wonderful taste. Highly recommend!

  15. luis 420

    this stuff is strong, so stoners beware lol. but in a good way. smoke anytime its good to go!

  16. greene amanda

    good for a chill evening or saturday afternoon. and of course sleep. buzz is great and comforting.

  17. Seangg9 (verified owner)

    sale makes it even more worth, medium sized nugs, nice high

  18. Crew (verified owner)

    wow just wow. the taste is epic. very fruity. strongly recommended.

  19. okBoomer46

    a sweet menthol strain

  20. Ti-Cul (verified owner)

    Very nice weed. Smells goooood.definetly recommand

  21. illumamickey

    got 6 different flavors going on but all good well together

  22. kushcooker453

    got me sooooooo high

  23. pebbles99

    so many different flavors but they all stand out in their own way

  24. Albert

    Super sticky and smooth buzz

  25. Lulu Yin

    Don’t know where the origin of this name comes from since I’ve never heard it but I truly love the flavors

  26. flamingpizza1167

    good for munchies

  27. Josh Lin

    Weird name but refreshing buzz

  28. owen c

    has a pleasant mint taste to it

  29. tyroo

    best one to give u munchies

  30. Victor P

    One refreshing flower, doesn’t make my eyelids feel heavy just a little dry mouth but with some water it leaves you with a pretty good high

  31. Luisfugly.org

    is this weed or gods dandruff 10/10

  32. Evan

    Great price point for what you get

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