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Premium Hash – Red Lebanese



Premium Hash – Red Lebanese Hashish is a potent form of cannabis produced by collecting and compressing trichomes, the most potent material from cannabis plant.

The red in Red Lebanese hash comes from the natural drying and curing process of the raw cannabis plant – cultivators leave the plants on the field until they’re just about ready, and during this process they acquire a unique red tint from sunlight, and its’ own natural pistils which give off a orange-reddish colour. Once the hashish is processed, it is left to dry and properly cure. The Lebanese process of curing hashish is what separates their hash from other regions in the Middle East. Hash is aged for one or two entire harvesting seasons, which can last anywhere between 4-8 months in total. This allows the hash to develop an ideal consistency that is pliable, yet stiff enough to work, and also allows for the hash to deepen its’ aroma and flavours. The long process strengthens the natural woodiness and unique spicy terpenes found within Lebanese cannabis strains. Contrary to most hashish available globally, Red Lebanese Hash is known for being particularly cerebral in effects, compared to other traditional forms of hash which tend to be more sedating, although it still provides an immaculate body stone and waves of relaxation which are very strong, in comparison to Moroccan hash.

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19 reviews for Premium Hash – Red Lebanese

  1. Chloe Baker

    I’m on a sensory adventure with this amazing product.

  2. Hump

    Amazing! Smoked perfectly with the pre rolls I made!

  3. bobo

    the strength on this one got me weak in the knees

  4. kungpokepanda

    a sedating hash that soothes you all over

  5. janet white

    wtf is the place to be, i’m never getting my shit anywhere else

  6. Grace L

    My co-workers and I loved this one to help relax after a shift

  7. Chihiro

    Oh hell yeah WTF always got my back

  8. loudsmoker27

    perfect product if you got back pain and tastes great

  9. heinz ketchup

    they weren’t lying when they said this lasts a long time, shared some with my friends and they thoroughly enjoyed it

  10. Violet F

    Sleep inducing hash

  11. Jacob Hall

    A high that feels like it lasts a life time


    Not too bad at all very impressed. Will be buying more

  13. Wivestealer

    Can’t believe I got this for such a great price!

  14. Alphamale

    My dog got into this by accident and now we just both high out of our minds

  15. That high guy

    This rly stops the voices in my head i love this product

  16. justine t

    i can always count on this for a good time especially in a social scene! whether it be date night with my boyfriend or girls night this always brings fun to the table especially spices up board games. i’ve never had any issues ordering from wtf besides a slight payment problem but they fixed it for me quickly and i’m super thankful

  17. Emily Harris

    This hash is my companion for exploring the depths of my mind

  18. 2High (verified owner)

    Easily one of the best tasting hash I’ve ever smoked and great at getting you comfortably high too

  19. Jesse

    Waves of relaxation? You damn right it does

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