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So High Extracts Premium Vape 1ML THC – Grand Daddy Purple Cartridge



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1ml Cartridge
Standard 510 threading
Vaporizer NOT included

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So High Cartridge 1ML THC – Grand Daddy Purple

Immerse yourself in the relaxing and flavourful experience of So High Extracts Premium Vape 1ML THC – Grand Daddy Purple Cartridge. This high-quality vape cartridge delivers the potent, soothing effects of Grand Daddy Purple, a legendary indica strain renowned for its relaxing properties and distinct flavour profile.

Grand Daddy Purple (Indica) Flavour
Grand Daddy Purple is celebrated for its complex berry and grape flavour profile. The deep, aromatic essence of Grand Daddy Purple provides a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience, perfect for those seeking relaxation and relief from stress, pain, and insomnia.

Premium Quality and Compatibility
So High Extracts ensures the highest quality by utilizing superior extraction methods to produce pure and potent THC oil. Each 1ML cartridge contains a full gram of this premium extract, delivering consistent and effective results with every puff. The cartridge features standard 510 threading, making it compatible with most reusable vape pens on the market. This ensures ease of use and flexibility for your vaping needs.

Key Features:
– 1ML Cartridge: Each package contains a 1ML cartridge filled with premium THC extract, providing a potent and long-lasting experience.
– Standard 510 Threading: Compatible with most reusable vape pens, offering convenience and versatility.
– Indica Effects: Grand Daddy Purple’s indica-dominant effects help you relax, relieve pain, reduce stress, and combat insomnia.

Why Choose So High Extracts Premium Vape?
So High Extracts is committed to delivering the highest quality vaping experience. Our Grand Daddy Purple cartridge stands out for its purity, potency, and exceptional flavour. Whether you need to unwind after a long day, alleviate pain, or simply enjoy a premium vaping experience, So High Extracts Premium Vape 1ML THC – Grand Daddy Purple Cartridge is your perfect choice.

Upgrade your vape collection with So High Extracts Premium Vape and enjoy the unparalleled benefits and flavour of Grand Daddy Purple. Order now and indulge in the finest quality THC vape cartridge available.

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28 reviews for So High Extracts Premium Vape 1ML THC – Grand Daddy Purple Cartridge

  1. Mike Bockstorm

    Awesome product, found it amazing. Highly recommend anyone that wants a low maintenance way to get high.

  2. silvia mills

    i love using this before dinner and after the gym

  3. BengBeng

    I really love this strain .perfect for all

  4. Wendy

    help me to reduce stress , highly recommend

  5. Vittorio Bragato

    Very first time giving this stuff try and absolutely love it!

  6. KittyN

    I really enjoyed this product!! The look and smell were beautiful

  7. gary norman

    first time trying this and instantly i got hooked lol smoking this every min on my vape

  8. Sawn Coast

    WTF just has a ton of selection on this site, came to order some buds and then saw the so high sale.

  9. Shookie

    Makes you just sink into your bed

  10. Zaza farmer

    God damn did this get me high as shit

  11. behmax

    glad these ones dont burn too easily

  12. Ileah M

    These are well worth your money 🙂

  13. stinkycat

    got me feeling invincible like superman

  14. bobadaddy

    simple and easy way to get high

  15. CrunchWrapSupreme

    very very nice

  16. Catbear

    Nothing can beat WTF really

  17. Tanjiro the first


  18. lylelyle crackedile

    top of the morning im starting my day with this tea and let me tell u its keeping me WOKE i feel so SLAYYY

  19. BeefyBurrito

    me and this is a good ass time

  20. Da Binky


  21. super tuna

    any marvel movie with this is the perfect thing on a friday night

  22. B@11s


  23. IceSpice420

    Girl you would not believe the way this made my heart go BOOM BOOM 😍😍

  24. DaRice

    helps u end your day with a smile on your face

  25. blinker

    no sign a trouble if i have near this

  26. scoopdunk

    i have this website favorited

  27. bayleef

    open ur eyes and try this before its too late

  28. EdSheeran

    The more I try WTF products, the more I love it

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