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Bud Size: Small
Strain Type: 30 % Indica / 70% Sativa
Texture: Normal – Sticky
Flavour: Citrus | Sour | Sweet
Medical Usage: Nausea | Depression | Loss of Appetite | Anxiety
THC Content: 23% – 27% Highest

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Think of Tangie as a variation on a theme. It’s basically a reworking of Tangerine Dream, but with different genetics. Though they don’t share many genes, the two Tangerines share a strong, sweet flavour reminiscent of tangerines and other citrus fruits. Tangie is sativa-heavy, and though the exact ratio of sativa to indica is unclear, it’s probably at least 70:30. That means an uplifting cerebral high with enhanced creativity and euphoria, plus a focused boost of happiness. It’s good for treating several disorders, though specifics are hard to come by: nausea, anxiety, lack of appetite, and depression. The only widely reported problems are bloodshot eyes and dry mouth, so this may be a good choice for patients sensitive to side effects. Maximum THC levels of more than 22% make this a potent choice for patients who have been smoking marijuana for some time; it may be overpowering for first-timers. Look for Tangie in Colorado and Arizona, and on the West Coast.

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5 reviews for Tangie

  1. Jeffreyeg9 (verified owner)

    Looks great in bag nice sized bud burn very well but dont have a big flavor but for the price its 👌

  2. Bruno Vermette (verified owner)

    Very good looking weed, a nice Sativa to try !! Will buy again I recommend !!

  3. BarackObama (verified owner)

    Looks and taste great, good clean burn, smooth. High is a little weak, makes for a good daily driver. Overall 8/10 imo

  4. Caleb Schloegel (verified owner)

    nice weed very nice smell not to bad of a hit from it either would definitely try again

  5. Katherine Naud (verified owner)

    Pour le prix 👌🏻 Le gout est pas totallement la mais je l’aime bienn

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