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WTF – Shatter – White Widow – Hybrid


*New Batch March 10th


Effects: Happy, Focused, Creative, Uplifted, Euphoric, Relaxed

Common Usage: Depression, Insomnia, Anxiety, Stress, Pain

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Among the most famous strains worldwide is White Widow, a balanced hybrid. A cross between a Brazilian sativa landrace and a resin-heavy South Indian indica,  White Widow has blessed every Dutch coffee shop menu since its birth in the 1990s. Its buds are white with crystal resin, warning you of the potent effects to come. A powerful burst of euphoria and energy breaks through immediately, stimulating both conversation and creativity.

33 reviews for WTF – Shatter – White Widow – Hybrid

  1. nancypants12

    One of my favorite shatter i ever tried ever!! first of all, you can tell its a quality stuff. It gets me moving, not too lazy and feel happy. And not paranoid at all !! . This stuff is just perfect.

  2. GanjaGoddess

    5/5 for value, acceptable quality and pain relieving effect without knocking you out

  3. Sexxxyboy420

    Excellent shatter for the price. Beautifully golden!

  4. Quazzyy001

    Another solid product will keep buying

  5. tomtdot

    I have this and AK47 budder and both are amazing. This shatter is beautifully golden in colour and more of a pull snap then rock hard stable shatter. Leaves a small residue at the bottom of my banger but much better then crc silica. Smell and taste is like a pure fruity sativa and the high is all in the head.

  6. sneakyboots

    Really good product 10/10 loved this stuff keep up the good work boys.

  7. Alexa Blais

    Super gout belle belle couleur

  8. tomtdot

    Smoked one ounce, now working on the second ounce and all I can say is once they have more stock, I’m coming back for more.

  9. Rileylazenby

    Excellent shatter for the price.

  10. Rileylazenby

    just as everyone says, this is a steal for 19.99. Great high

  11. DaScarecrow

    Keep it up guys this is good

  12. Mike McMinn

    Just ordered a quarter oz of this,had already made an order bout 5 hrs earlier but had not seen this & after enjoying the White Rhino shatter I got from these guys yesterday I just had to have it. Hope they just put the 2 orders together,either way WTF is a great site,every product I’ve gotten from them has been high quality,great price & very quick delivery. I will let you know how good the WW is after I get it,not a matter of IF it’s good just how good💚👏😂✌

  13. Mickto65

    Got my W.W. today. Very nice buzz from this,very good stuff. Smooth,nice after taste,kinda grassy floral thing. Was able to roll a snake of it to put in a joint,(W.W. pot of course)so you will have no problems smoking it in whatever or however you want. Great price,got it same week I ordered it,Great Job WTF,Thanx👌👍

  14. DaScarecrow

    Second order

  15. john

    This is straight up some of the cleanest shatter i’ve ever smoked in my life,
    Hits instantly, great for unwinding on weekends

  16. Chuck

    Dabs for days on this site, wtfcannabis.co is beyond a trustworthy site and they’re amazing. White widow is an amazing strain that has an even more amazing flavor.

  17. Claire Fiddler

    Really great taste and nice colour and smelled nice too.

  18. GottaMinIts420

    Worth every penny.

  19. Molkor

    Right up there beside Papa’s OG for me. Little less stable, at least the stuff I recieved was more pull and peel and would start to melt at room temp probably. But it’s the terpiest stuff I’ve had from WTF house brand shatter. 5/5 steal of a deal like all their shatter.

  20. JoeExotic

    i got sent hawaiian snow instead which was a good strain but not what i expected lol

  21. Devin Bayley

    I received a free gram of this in my first order. The first time I’ve ever tried shatter. It was super good. Very potent, a little bit went a long way. I’m definitely going to get more shatter from here.

  22. dank604

    This was an excellent house shatter! More of a pull-snap consistency. Had the classic WW high that I love, great deals at WTF!

  23. mist3rmaniac

    The best shatter I’ve ever smoked and at an amazing price!

  24. Samantha Caldwell

    Absolutely love this shatter!! Taste dang wicked.. thanks a lot WTF!

  25. dank604

    2nd time trying this! Very tasty stuff and it hits hard but smooth, can’t be beat at these prices!

  26. superdude2000

    $20 shatter, never buying 40$ g’s again

  27. BuDsTeR

    This stuff wasnt as stable as the papa og but still good stuff nice potency and has good taste

  28. Claire Fiddler

    I got it again! I really love this stuff. When and if they bring this back I’ll be definitely buying more. The teste and high are so good, I can’t wait to get more. (If they make more)

  29. Kevin Sarkar

    My favourite strain on the site

  30. old_soul89

    Super happy with the shatter from these guys! Smooth smoking and has a nice taste to it! Been spending $40+ for a gram of shatter that isn’t even up to this standard. Definitely recommend!

  31. misteresscoupe

    I’m enjoying my quality shater at a affordable price thank to wtf cannabis. Truly innovative company just trying to help folks out feel better and enjoy life I won’t stop ordering from here!

  32. SquidKid

    Quality shatter very tasty and a nice high can’t go wrong

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