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WTF – Budder – Snoop Dogg OG



Strain Type: 30% Sativa / 70% Indica
Medical Usage: Anxiety | Pain | Stress
THC Content: 28% Highest

WTFCannabis Snoop Dogg OG

WTFCannabis Snoop Dogg OG is an indica-dominant hybrid strain (70% indica/30% sativa). It is named after the rapper Snoop Dogg. This potent strain is a cross between Lemon OG and Sour Diesel. It boasts a high THC level, ranging from 22-28% on average. Snoop Dogg OG offers a mix of both indica and sativa effects.

Users describe the high as wave after wave of racing euphoric creativity. Happiness intensifies as the high continues. This uplifting cerebral high slowly ebbs into a balanced focus. Mild couch lock and an overwhelming case of the munchies follow. These potent effects make Snoop Dogg OG ideal for treating chronic pain. It also helps with stress, anxiety, and muscle spasms.

Snoop Dogg OG buds are large and dense with spade-shaped dusty green nugs. Minty green patches and leaves add to their appearance. Thin twisty fiery orange and rich amber hairs cover the nugs. A fine layer of white crystal trichomes and sticky sweet resin is also present. The aroma is earthy lemon with a pungent hint of diesel. The taste includes spicy earth with a sour lemon diesel aftertaste.

There are several ways to enjoy budder:

  1. Dabbing: Dabbing is the most common way to consume budder. Use a dab rig to vaporize the budder and inhale the vapor.
  2. Mixing with Flower:  Mix a small amount of budder to enhance the potency of your joint or bowl.
  3. Edibles: You can infuse budder into your favorite recipes to create potent edibles.

Experimenting with different methods can help you find the most enjoyable way to consume budder based on your preferences and desired effects.

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30 reviews for WTF – Budder – Snoop Dogg OG

  1. Tab7879 (verified owner)

    Really tasty budder with a hint of lemon I wanna say.. it’s Got great potency and easy to work with because it isn’t overly wet. Really worth the price

  2. kenjisama

    First time trying this strain and not the last time good taste and nice high thanks again. 5/5

  3. CanadianMomma77 (verified owner)

    Very good consistency. Clean burn too.

  4. claude larocque (verified owner)

    taste awesome very good will buy more

  5. Maya D

    Thanks to WTF and Snoop Dogg!

  6. Xerix

    Can’t go wrong with something with the name Snoop Dogg in it

  7. LaurenHa

    Great body high that you’ll feel from head to toe !

  8. Brandon Willis

    I think this one has got to be one of my favourite strains.. It’s definitely a delicacy

  9. Sandra Zellar

    easy to use, falls apart easily and its crumbly

  10. JasonBirkin

    Strong high that comes on within minutes of consumption

  11. Lindsey Colin

    we’ll definitely order again

  12. Antonia Haines

    I’ve tried quite a few of the different strains of budder on here and this one reigns king very nice taste and buzz thanks WTF for having such top notch products!

  13. Sharon T

    Perfect for that pain relief !!!

  14. Karter Krauss

    Too good! Budder was super smooth and easy to use, perfect to burn I loved it

  15. cloudman19

    super easy to use for somebody thats never these up until recently

  16. hutchinson b

    not only was the budder smooth it tasted amazing too

  17. samanthasam

    will be passing this product onto my friends

  18. Boskco

    Soothes everything, from your mind to your body

  19. chunkymunch12

    thank god this budder lived up to the legacy himself or i would’ve been hella disappointed


    the hint of lemon took me by surprise but it really ties the whole thing together

  21. big-feet

    Helps me chill out

  22. twinjohn

    let me just say when im high on this my french accent is amazing

  23. Killend87

    this shit got me so high im giggling like a little girl

  24. ptwfate

    smooth and potent high

  25. sandycheeks

    most comforting thing ever

  26. skapooh


  27. Zolton

    This helped remind me why I love WTF so much

  28. KingXXGeedorah

    Way to go with this one

  29. Vainx

    How many times can I buy this before I get tired of it? (Answer: Never)

  30. Peakington

    Had the most amazing time using this with my friends!

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