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The Green Samurai – 3000mg Psilocybe Cubensus Edibles – Grape



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Ingredients: Corn Syrup, Sugar, Fruit Juice, Gelatin, Citrus Acid and Psilocybin Mushrooms

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The Green Samurai – 3000mg Psilocybe Cubensus Edibles – Grape

Embark on an enchanting journey with TGS – Psilocybe Cubensus – Grape for sensory exploration and self-discovery. Each 3000mg edible, split into 3 x 1000mg servings, is meticulously crafted for potency and precision. The Grape Edibles blend corn syrup, sugar, fruit juice, gelatin, citrus acid, and Psilocybin Mushrooms harmoniously. They offer a captivating experience with each bite.

Unlock the extraordinary with TGS – Psilocybe Cubensus – Grape. Immerse yourself in the profound effects of psilocybin mushrooms, expertly infused into each delicious serving. Indulge in the rich flavours and embark on a journey of exploration, introspection, and self-discovery.

Every edible has a precisely measured psilocybin dose for a consistent experience with meticulous attention to detail. Blended with care, the ingredients such as corn syrup, sugar, fruit juice, gelatin, and citrus acid complement each other perfectly, tantalizing your taste buds and elevating your senses with every bite.

Whether you’re seeking a moment of introspection or an adventure into the unknown, TGS – Psilocybe Cubensus – Grape provides the perfect pathway to new experiences. Prepare to embark on a transformative journey as you unlock the door to a world of possibilities with each delectable serving. Soothe your soul, stimulate your senses, and savor the richness of life with every indulgent moment.

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4 reviews for The Green Samurai – 3000mg Psilocybe Cubensus Edibles – Grape

  1. kenjisama (verified owner)

    thanks 5/5

  2. Ty Stick (verified owner)

    great product. thanks wtf

  3. Ty Stick (verified owner)

    didnt find as potent as raw mush

  4. Carl (verified owner)

    No rough aftertaste at all. Yum! Gave me a good feeling and made me feel giggly.

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