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The Green Samurai – Extreme 300mg – Grape



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Contents: 1 x 300mg THC Cube

Ingredients: Corn Starch, Water, Fruit Juice, Citric Acid, Artificial Flavours, Grass Fed GMO Free Gelatin, THC (300mg), Organic MCT Oil.

*High concentrate dose recommended for experienced users.

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Green Samurai Extreme has crafted these edibles and produced 4 appetizing flavours of Cherry, Grape, Lemon and Strawberry-Lemonade. A piece of this gummy is infused with an accurate dose of 300mg of THC and can be divided into desired sizes to suit your needs.

3 reviews for The Green Samurai – Extreme 300mg – Grape

  1. loop2112

    Taste great, took a medium sized bite and flew into space.
    Best deal in Canada for 300mg i seen. Grab them before I buy them all haha!

  2. Ty Stick

    great taste and a very potent brick

  3. Tab7879

    These squares you need to be careful with. It is true dosed. So dont be a hero hahahahahaha. You will Green out if your not used to true dosed mods lol

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