You’ve heard people boast about cannabis concentrates and you’re curious, but where to start? Cannabis concentrates can be confusing — between shatter, live resin, crumble, hash, and everything in betwen… its a lot of new terms to learn. If you are interested in learning about these different types of concentrates, simply make your way over to their shop categories. For this page, we’ll simply talk about the benefits of concentrates vs just smoking weed.

Benefits of Concentrates

  • Concentrates are stronger than your average pre-roll.
  • Cannabis THC content ranges from 10-25%, whereas Concentrates can go north of 80%
  • Concentrates are more convenient to use, plus it usually takes a few dabs to achieve the same high you would generally get smoking a joint.
  • Concentrates let you experience cannabis in a multitude of ways; they come in a variety of textures and can be consumed using several different methods.
  • The effects of a cannabis concentrate can last anywhere from 1 to 3 hours, depending on the user.

Buying concentrate online is a great way to experience a variety of different strains and types vs going to your local dealer who only has a handful.

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Choosing the Right Concentrate Dispensary

Choosing the right online concentrate dispensary is a tough decision to make. First, you have to look at their online trust factor. Then you have to ask questions like “What happens if your online concentrate order doesn’t arrive? Or the quality is not up to your standards?”

To find a trusted online dispensary, we first have to take a look at all their online reviews. WTF Cannabis boosts 100’s of positive reviews on Google, plus 1000’s of verified customer reviews.

You can also follow-up by reading up on all WTF Reddit reviews from trusted online cannabis reviewers. Or better yet, join the conversation at Discord and chat in real-time with other WTF shatter users.

Last, it’s best to read their FAQs. You can find frequently asked questions at WTF Cannabis here. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, WTF offers online chat support.

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