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Hash – Rolls Royce


Hashish is a potent form of cannabis produced by collecting and compressing trichomes, the most potent material from cannabis plant.

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Rolls Royce BC Hash is quality, hand-pressed hash from a local cannabis connoisseur in the Vancouver Area. The hash is pressed after the addition of a small quantity of water. It is characterized by a strong piney smell and taste. The THC of this product averages 30% and the high has a slow build but is long-lasting once it kicks in. Rolls Royce BC Hash is an excellent option for customers looking for a great daytime chill or for those looking to manage their anxiety.

14 reviews for Hash – Rolls Royce


    I’m on a journey of self-discovery with this amazing product.

  2. jackson

    10/10 love it should try it too

  3. OJ Pimpson

    hits you slow and steady but once you feel it u feel it for a while

  4. PsychoJuice

    Real dense hash you got here

  5. Zyphyr

    The high is quite uplifted

  6. JustinBibo

    Everything is amazing

  7. Luigee

    Princess peach loves this too

  8. Suckapunch

    Amazing flavor! I will be ordering again

  9. Ironmam

    Thank you god for gifting me this kush

  10. vincent w

    thanks to the customer service for recommending me this cause it was fire

  11. SCOTTY


  12. ZH34D

    comes with a pungent ass smell but decent high

  13. radchaosrum

    5* energizing ass high

  14. Jesse

    An incredible hash to use during the daytime doesn’t get you tired

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