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Bliss Party Mix Gummies – 250mg THC



– 10 pieces of cannabis-infused gummies
– Each piece contains 25mg of THC
– Package contains a total of 250mg THC
– Flavours include Green Apple, Juicy Grape, and Peach

Ingredients: Organic Cane Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Gelatin, Sorbitol, Citric Acid, Natural & Artificial Flavours, Tapioca Starch, Cannabis Extract Infused With Coconut Oil.

Bliss Party Mix Gummies – 250mg THC

Nestled in the lush landscapes of British Columbia, Bliss Edibles emerged from a passionate pursuit for an elevated edible experience. We recognized a gap in the market for a premium, flavourful cannabis-infused treat that consumers could rely on with unwavering confidence. At the heart of our ethos lies a commitment to precision, consistency, and affordability, ensuring that every bite delivers not only a delicious flavour but also a precisely measured dose of blissful relief.

Guided by our unwavering mission, we strive to redefine the narrative surrounding cannabis edibles, transforming them into a beacon of safety, enjoyment, and accessibility for an ever-discerning community. Through meticulous adherence to certified production methods, rigorous efficacy testing, and relentless infusion innovations, we uphold the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Bliss Edibles stands as a testament to the fusion of wellness principles and cutting-edge cannabis expertise. With each meticulously crafted product, we aim to provide solace and satisfaction to all who seek the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, empowering individuals to embrace a life of holistic well-being.

Benefits of Edibles

1. Discreetness: Smoke-free and odourless, edibles offer discreet consumption, ideal where smoking is prohibited or socially discouraged. This discreet nature allows individuals to enjoy cannabis without drawing attention to themselves.

2. Ease of Use: No additional equipment or preparation is needed. They are convenient and easy to consume, suitable for those who dislike smoking or have respiratory issues. Consequently, individuals can enjoy cannabis without the hassle of set-up or potential respiratory discomfort.

3. Versatility: Edibles come in various forms (e.g., gummies, chocolates, baked goods), offering a wide range of options to suit different tastes and preferences. This variety allows users to explore different flavours and textures while enjoying the effects of cannabis.

4. No Lung Irritation: Unlike smoking, which can irritate the lungs and throat, edibles provide a gentle way to consume cannabis without any respiratory discomfort. As a result, individuals can avoid the potential respiratory issues associated with smoking.

Ultimately, the choice between edibles and smoking depends on personal preferences, lifestyle, health considerations, and desired effects. Some users may prefer the convenience and discretion of edibles, while others enjoy the immediate effects and ritual of smoking. It’s essential to experiment cautiously and understand the potency and effects of different consumption methods to find what works best for you.

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23 reviews for Bliss Party Mix Gummies – 250mg THC

  1. SaiyanDoggo

    Awesome mix and tastes great! Brought these to a party and it was gone so fast. Everyone loved them

  2. Jesse (verified owner)

    Every hour, every minute, every second, no matter the night I’ll be using this right

  3. Carlos (verified owner)

    I have finally met my destiny 🙂

  4. Anna Beckett

    Bonus point for being in a reuse-able tin! Great mix of flavours and the colours are pretty.

  5. BoconutBrab (verified owner)

    only been a month since i started using this and ive been loving it

  6. tyler (verified owner)


  7. MAMAW (verified owner)


  8. Orson (verified owner)

    Perfect thing to bring to a party comes with 10 of the best gummies I’ve ever tried in my life. Out of the three I’d say peach is my favourite but juicy grape definitely comes second. My friends enjoyed this a lot, I might as well should’ve had WTF business cards because I spent the rest of the night answering the same question “Where’d you get this?”

  9. WildWinnie

    Soo worth the price, love this crap

  10. Isaiah Coleman

    I’m telling you once you finish these edibles these tins can be used for a lot more. For me personally I use them to store my jewelry and small items, I rip off the label and they’re the perfect storage container and that’s just a bonus because the edibles themselves are wonderful. Party Mix is the perfect name because it’s perfect for a party.

  11. Summer

    Got this for my girlfriends bachelorette party and it was an amazing time

  12. R1FF352 (verified owner)

    i could fuck shit up with this

  13. set me free!!!!!!! (verified owner)

    i love this more than i thought i would

  14. bloc2365 (verified owner)

    this stuff is so great bro

  15. joe mama

    i sit like the letter C all day long and this helps with the back pains

  16. Alfredo Linguini

    Everything is fire there hasn’t been one thing i havent loved

  17. peewee

    tough to say which one is my favorite because everything on wtf is so good

  18. peewee

    the high was exhilarting! one of the best

  19. Shrinkage

    The reviews ain’t lying shits fire

  20. fakecowboy (verified owner)

    shit bro yall r good

  21. Allison Parker

    Seriously this one is really good!

  22. Zest bomb

    sure keeps a smile on my face

  23. A to the G

    only thing that is consistent in my life

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