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Blue Dream – Wholesale


Bud Size: Medium
Strain Type: 60% Sativa / 40% Indica
Texture: Normal – Sticky
Flavour: Berry | Blueberry | Fruity | Herbal | Sweet | Vanilla
Medical Usage: ADD/ADHD | Anxiety | Bipolar Disorder | Chronic Pain | Depression | Headaches | Inflammation | Nausea | PTSD | Stress
THC Content: 23% – 27% Highest

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Blue Dream – Wholesale

Blue Dream – Wholesale, the magical blend of Blueberry and Haze, offers a potent 60% sativa, 40% indica high. With THC levels averaging 17-24%, this bud packs a punch, delivering a mix of indica and sativa effects.

Picture this: an immediate, uplifting head high that leaves you feeling motivated and focused, with bursts of creative energy hitting you like a wave. But wait, there’s more! A soothing body high follows, leaving you warm, numb, and pain-free. It’s like a vacation for your senses!

Blue Dream isn’t just fun; it’s a superhero for medical users. It’s great for chronic stress, pain, depression, and sleep disorders like insomnia. And let’s talk about its aroma—it’s like sweet blueberry pie, and the taste? Sugary sweet blueberries that linger on your tongue like a delicious memory.

Visually, Blue Dream is a sight to behold—bright neon green nugs with amber and blue hairs, and a dusting of sandy milky white trichomes and sticky resin. It’s a treat for the eyes and the soul, making it a top pick in the cannabis world.

Hybrid Strain

Choosing a hybrid strain over an indica or sativa gives you a blend of benefits that suit various preferences and needs. Hybrids offer a balanced mix of indica’s relaxing effects. They also provide sativa’s uplifting properties, making them adaptable for different activities and times of day. With a variety of ratios available, hybrids provide a range of effects, from deeply relaxing to energizing. This versatility also applies to medicinal benefits, as hybrids can help with conditions like chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and insomnia without causing extreme sedation or stimulation. Overall, opting for a hybrid strain allows for a personalized cannabis experience that combines the best of both indica and sativa traits.

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10 reviews for Blue Dream – Wholesale

  1. patfournier911 (verified owner)

    Wow, what a surprise I had when I received this strain, for a 1st try I am impressed. A particularly sweet taste, very good effect. Nice big buds with perfect humidity. I recommend you 👍

  2. FredM039

    Just amazing strain !!!!👌👌

  3. John1337 (verified owner)

    Very fresh, cured good little darker color then I usually find with blue dream decent deal for the price bud size is mostly medium

  4. Ashton (verified owner)

    Really fucking good, I’d say AAA though they’re too generous

  5. Ghostwalk

    Yea the blue dream is so close to the haze it blows my mind you can taste it so well. I agree, big time generous.

  6. BDG18 (verified owner)

    Intrigued to get my 2nd Pound of this sent thru (still waiting as ive just ordered), i’m so intrigued because its literally doubled in price. The last pound i paid like 8 or 900 on This site in March. i hope we see more budget prices in the future…

  7. Kdipizzo

    My first whole sale order was great, reliable that I’d be trying out more!

  8. Ti-Cul (verified owner)

    Beautiful buds. Smell, taste and price is perfect.;)

  9. greenman1 (verified owner)

    Good reliable buzz for the day and will not lock you to the couch.

  10. demonkeeperQC (verified owner)

    Smells great, small to medium size nugs, no stems, well cured, too moist. 8/10

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