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Cereal Milk



Bud Size: Small – Medium
Strain Type: 50% Indica / 50% Sativa
Texture: Normal
Flavour: Berry | Creamy | Fruity | Sugary | Sweet
Medical Usage: Chronic Pain | Depression | Fatigue | Nausea | Stress
THC Content: 23% – 27% Highest

Cereal Milk

Cereal Milk, a rare and balanced hybrid strain, offers a delightful experience perfect for lazy weekends or creative endeavours. Its flavour profile is reminiscent of sugary cereal milk, with subtle hints of berries, while its aroma adds a touch of herbal notes, creating a truly unique sensory experience.

Moreover, Cereal Milk’s effects are equally enchanting, providing a gentle upliftment that energizes the mind while keeping the body calm and focused. The initial euphoric lift brings a sense of happiness and relaxation, paving the way for enhanced creativity and sociability. These qualities make Cereal Milk an ideal choice for social gatherings or sparking artistic inspiration.

Furthermore, Cereal Milk is sought after for its potential therapeutic benefits. Whether you’re seeking relief from stress, fatigue, or pain, this strain offers a fun and flavourful escape. So, grab a bowl, take a hit, and let Cereal Milk transport you to a world of relaxation and creativity.

Hybrid Strain

Choosing a hybrid strain over an indica or sativa gives you a blend of benefits that suit various preferences and needs. Hybrids offer a balanced mix of indica’s relaxing effects and sativa’s uplifting properties, making them adaptable for different activities and times of day. With a variety of ratios available, hybrids provide a range of effects, from deeply relaxing to energizing. This versatility also applies to medicinal benefits, as hybrids can help with conditions like chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and insomnia without causing extreme sedation or stimulation. Overall, opting for a hybrid strain allows for a personalized cannabis experience that combines the best of both indica and sativa traits.

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51 reviews for Cereal Milk

  1. mimics (verified owner)

    this one is really good, smells and tastes amazing!

  2. Bundesligaa

    Has a nice gentle aroma to it

  3. Buzz Lightyear

    Really nice hybrid. Not a super intense high, very good for getting focused on a specific task like cleaning or something

  4. duogmihtv

    My favourite of every strain I’ve tried. Vape some of this and the next hour or so will be like one constant full body and mind

  5. zoeyyy

    Very good potent high

  6. Mark Jones

    A high that energizes you, with a cerebral high, creative mind and smooth to the throat! This strain really got me BAKED!.

  7. DocWonder

    Super energetic sativa, old school taste. What I had was very potent, big thin sativa buds. Highly functional, focused high

  8. William Fielding

    Good sativa pretty potent i love it !! Alredy ordered more

  9. ThePieMiniste

    Amazing bud. Great smell and balanced high off one bowl (I’m a vet) would order again.

  10. Jimbo

    This is everything you want in a hybrid, Nice relaxing effects without putting you in the couch or in the fridge for the day I’d recommend this for peeps that need pain relief during the day, but dont want the side effects most heavy indica strains give.

  11. Mr.Ganja

    Very tasty, nice buzz, pretty buds, didn’t make me useless, gave me a silly yet productive peaceful feeling

  12. kimberly

    high is great and smells nice and super nicely taken cared flower.

  13. miek

    Sticky, smelly and dense… Burns slow… Nice mellow high that lasts a long time… Nice

  14. ashleyjsharris

    This is the perfect wake and bake toke for sure. Its as described for sure. Will buy again

  15. Fan holly

    proper hybrid flower, damn nice to smoke it after workout and nice size nugs with great smell. gets high real nice

  16. Lucy Grant

    Very tasty and smooth! I think this is now one of my Favorite

  17. Evan janvier

    Nice to smoke during the day. Not too harsh either really smooth tastes more like a sativa than indica I prefer kush

  18. Jaime

    I knew I hadn’t smoked anything so all I kept wondering was why am I so high!

  19. FurkanAgent

    A great strain for those who want a nice buzz. Recommend using it while taking a walk around the neighborhood.

  20. Grey

    It’s excellent for going to bed but it’s a very intense head high that naturally puts me to sleep

  21. Michael Suciu

    Your typical weed. Smokes great. Helps me go right to sleep. Great to smoke during the day too.

  22. BitingFanatic

    Very nice taste and high!

  23. Jim Derwish

    Fire sativa very nice herb all around

  24. Misty (verified owner)

    Looks amazing and burns clean. Smells like actual cereal milk lol. There was a bit of shake in the bag but not much, may have been the last of a batch.

  25. Felix Brown

    One of the most amazing strains I’ve ever taste, the perfect amount of emotion and relax!!!

  26. Tessa

    Outstanding quality. Frosty and sticky buds. Strong buzz that makes you feel happy and awake.

  27. DK


  28. Carlos Lopez

    I absolutely love this strain. The effects are different each time that I smoke it, depending on how I’m feeling. Nice fluffy nugs with lots of trichomes.

  29. VicCityDad

    5/5 would recommend and will purchase again:)

  30. Konchar

    This is one of the best strains I’ve smoked. I get high daily with lots of different strains but this one is such a break from reality and really lets you relax mentally and physically. Also make sure you have water near you!

  31. LouisJohn

    often be the answer to creative writing, steady energy, no pain and tons of productivity. it also seems to help my fingers and synapses sync up better.

  32. Whyte Shadow

    Very interesting as strain, the effect is very nice, good taste, try this

  33. Clark

    Perfect for winding down after a stressful, shit day. Great head and body high, so totally enjoy it sprawled out on the couch or bed as you review and contemplate your day as you drift off to sleep and leave the bull behind you.

  34. BigDaddy

    perfect product I would buy it again

  35. Marvin

    This strain definitely packs a punch. Great strain. Nice looking,smelling,& quiet tastey as well. Definitely great relief of pain & sleep aid for me.

  36. Mason Graham

    You feel free, painless and relaxed. The best weed I’ve tried.

  37. TP

    I love this strain, helped me relax after work

  38. DarkForest

    A really incredible hybrid flower

  39. bluntbuddy5

    effects were uplifting and had impressive potency

  40. rockmond d

    hits me hard and fast

  41. Eli Foster

    50/50 is a great middle ground



  43. henry t

    great for unwinding

  44. regretpoison

    best tasting hybrid by far on wtf

  45. BenchpressPR225

    It’s your best strain yet

  46. Victor P

    Great one to help any fatigue

  47. zoe

    a better type of cereal

  48. jayrodbirds

    gives u one of those happy ass highs

  49. gamerac239

    one of my personal favorite hybrids on wtf, tastes/smell get ease and calm me

  50. kdoctor360

    has a super calming aroma

  51. ganjagreens

    really sticky and dense, gets you energized

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