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CG Extracts – Disposables – Do-Si-Dos



THC Distillate and Cannabis Derived Terpenes.

Disposable Pen with 1.0ML Do-Si-Dos Cartridge
Micro USB Charging Port
*Charging cable not included

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CG Extracts – Disposables – Do-Si-Dos

Introducing CG Extracts – Disposables – Do-Si-Dos, offering unparalleled convenience and quality in vaping. Each disposable pen contains a 1.0ML Do-Si-Dos cartridge infused with THC Distillate and Cannabis Derived Terpenes, ensuring an authentic and flavourful experience with every draw. Crafted with simplicity in mind, our disposable pen features a micro USB charging port for easy recharging on the go. Please note that a charging cable is not included with the pen. Perfect for enthusiasts seeking a hassle-free vaping experience without compromising on potency or flavour.

Elevate your vaping journey with CG Extracts Disposable Do-Si-Dos and immerse yourself in the legendary flavour and effects of this iconic strain.


Do-Si-Dos, an indica-dominant hybrid strain, results from crossing Girl Scout Cookies with Face Off OG. With a potent THC level of 28-30%, it boasts a sweet, addicting minty cookie flavour. Its aroma, equally captivating, features sweet minty tones complemented by hints of fresh lime and pine. Upon consumption, the effects manifest swiftly, delivering a cerebral rush followed by a happy, stoney introspection. Transitioning seamlessly, a warming body buzz ensues, starting from the spine and extending through the limbs, ultimately inducing sedation and couch-lock. Recommended for experienced users, Do-Si-Do is a suitable choice for managing insomnia, chronic pain, nausea, and depression.

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Weight 1 g

38 reviews for CG Extracts – Disposables – Do-Si-Dos

  1. Ranni (verified owner)

    Nice for on the go

  2. seshin (verified owner)

    Tastes like spicy wet sock, does get you baked.

  3. mist3rmaniac (verified owner)

    I enjoyed the flavor. The pen gives great hoots. The battery dies a little fast, but charges quickly with a usb mini. I will be refilling the cart when it’s done with a flavored distillate syringe from WTF. I like it, but prefer regular carts as I can swap them across my 510 thread devices as I please.

  4. gameprogirl (verified owner)

    awesome vape. tasted good

  5. Stefan Andrews (verified owner)

    Good vape, bad battery life.

  6. JuniorJJ (verified owner)

    Love it

  7. Sideshow_Lali (verified owner)

    Le produit est bon mais j’ai dû l’extraire moi-même de la cartouche car elle était bouché ou briser . Décu car j’en est pogné 2 qui n’étais pas fonctionnel.

  8. Joël Desrosiers (verified owner)

    J’adore ce produit idéal pour une Puff en cachette , très bon goût et odeur discrète

  9. munch (verified owner)

    this one lasted the longest of them all that I tried, not sure why but it was great lol, good indica and taste

  10. MaestroMusic (verified owner)

    Really tasty, definitely trying again sometime! Not disappointed

  11. penule (verified owner)

    Nice disposable pen ! Charged well and fast and taste is good ! CG Extracts are good products !

  12. Juvia (verified owner)

    thanks as always !

  13. Juvia (verified owner)

    good flavor

  14. mstone

    amazing battery life on this one

  15. Frank F

    Great customer service, fast shipping, good product


    to be fair it does have an interesting taste but gives you a high like no other

  17. garymada

    battery life on cg extracts r insane, they last wayyy longer than other ones

  18. Ravi

    An amazing disposable to have near by if you’re ever having a rough day whether it be mentally or physically

  19. r0landa

    one hit of this gets my ready to hit the bed

  20. Amelia Hernandez

    My boyfriend bought me this one and it lasted me quite a while

  21. eternal14

    good ass customer service

  22. Jamie Wilson

    My girlfriend just keeps thanking me for buying her this, not that I’m complaining

  23. CORA2241

    intense high

  24. Robinson

    It has a nice minty hint to it that makes the exhale refreshing

  25. H. Fisher

    Touches of lime with some refreshing pine? It sounds like a great rhyme

  26. Mushedroom

    This disposable is super flavorful

  27. Mouthbreather

    so high i met god

  28. Mouthbreather

    shit so good I seeing pokemon irl

  29. 4Wheeler

    the taste to this makes me crave more

  30. InuYasha

    helps u escape reality

  31. Dingus

    realized getting high is one of the best parts of my week so why not buy from the best too



  33. GrippinGoober

    one way to change ur mood 😡<😀

  34. Banh me

    You think I wouldn’t be surprised anymore but these opened my eyes

  35. Coco barizzta

    One way to get rid of some insane back problems

  36. ZANE V


  37. Caleb Turner

    Records shows this is one of the most popular items on the website

  38. Faint

    Good on the go way to get high

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