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CG Extracts – FSE Cartridge – Birthday Cake



Size: 1ML
Type: Hybrid
Strain: Birthday Cake
Effects: Relaxed, Hungry, Sleepy

**Compatible with any 510 thread pen.


Full-spectrum extract (FSE) carts are a fantastic option for vapers who aren’t crazy about distillate carts’ intensity. Don’t get us wrong; FSE carts have plenty of cannabinoids! However, since FSE carts aren’t as thoroughly purified as cannabis distillate, they retain a more balanced cannabinoid-to-terpene ratio.

Fans of the “entourage effect” will appreciate the numerous secondary cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes in FSE carts. While THC will be the predominant cannabinoid, you’ll also experience some of the effects from supporting players like CBG, CBN, and CBC. Plus, with all of those natural terpenes, FSE carts offer an all-natural flavourful experience.

Oh yeah, and don’t worry about low-quality metal leaching into your vape experience. We only sell the highest-grade ceramic carts to preserve your vape juice’s flavour and prevent toxic compounds from getting into your vapour.

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2 reviews for CG Extracts – FSE Cartridge – Birthday Cake

  1. Sydney Mcdonalds

    The box took me a bit of effort to open but the product is top notch. I’m a bit allergic to some vapes but FSE bypasses all that (I’m too lazy to google why). I take a few tokes a bit before bed to help put me right to sleep. The flavour is soooooo delish too.

  2. TerryC

    As a frequent user of other CG carts/disposables I was very skeptical in trying these FSE guys and oh man did this not disappoint. And WTF does CG even stand for it’s driving me nuts!

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