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CG Extracts – Premium Cartridge – Pineapple God – 1ML



  • Size: 1ml
  • Pineapple God
  • Sativa

Pineapple God is a super rare Sativa dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the delicious Pineapple Kush with the potent Godbud. This strain flawlessly brings together the flavours and effects of both of its parents, making for one powerhouse Sativa with an addictive flavour that will leave you begging for more. Pineapple God has an almost sickly sweet flavour of fresh pineapple and tropical pine with a potent kick of skunky pungency on exhale that will leave you gasping for air. The aroma is just as heavy, with a pungent skunky overtone accented by spicy earth and peppery tropical fruits. The Pineapple God high hits you almost as soon as you exhale, launching your mind into a state of almost frenzied lifted energy that you won’t recognize until you’re able to breathe normally again. You’ll feel a huge boost in positivity and motivation that comes along with an urge to be creative and sociable. These effects will slowly fade into happy relaxation as you start to come down from the high, which can cause headaches at times. These effects in combination with its high 14%+ average THC level make Pineapple God perfect for treating chronic fatigue, arthritis, chronic pain, depression, and chronic stress.

Standard 510 threading, compatible with most reusable vape pens, such as Evod, Vision Spinner 2, ErbaTip, Flyte, or Toko Gold Pens.


Ingredients: THC Distillate and Cannabis Derived Terpenes.

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Weight 1 g

23 reviews for CG Extracts – Premium Cartridge – Pineapple God – 1ML

  1. Sexxxyboy420

    Nectar of the gods right here, Excellent product!

  2. Kushdiet

    Good taste and potency


    Tastes awesome

  4. Chuck

    The name says it all, it’s like heaven with each puff.

  5. TheBigRedRat

    Probably the best tasting cart I’ve ordered on here and very strong too.

  6. Claire Fiddler

    Tastes great, very nice high as well

  7. Ryguy

    Was kinda hoping for more pineapple flavour but this taste exactly like citrus five alive haha The description is spot on aswell, I am usually fighting the urge to cough every hit. Good buy if you are a citrus fan!

  8. Molkor

    Didn’t get a pineapple flavor but definitely a citrus fruit and the best tasting of the 3 CG Carts I’ve tried thus far.

  9. RylanHorseman

    Had everyone I let try this tell me they love it, So citrusy it’s ridiculous. 9/10. Would buy again

  10. Frosty-Nugz

    Probably the best value carto I’ve found online. Terps are pretty good on this one compared to others. This along with gsc and wedding cake are my favourites

  11. alepolo101

    This one is the tastiest of the carts on this website I’ve tried yet. Great carts for a great price!

  12. Matthew Melindy

    Just got our order today and super excited to be new members! Has next to no taste but does give off quite a pineapple smell. Great bang for the price!

  13. Ty Stick

    tastes as advertised. good product for day time

  14. glizzy

    puts the pine in pineapple

    good stuff

  15. Ty Stick

    2nd time ordering. Best tasting out of the cg line up

  16. Seangg9

    Great for before bed, taste is insane 5/5

  17. WhyDoiStayHi9h

    This was a very tasty vape I’d highly recommend this for on the go medicating great for the fast life

  18. Ty Stick

    Amazing. The taste is crazy

  19. Taytoe34

    Kinda taste like dish shop, but it dose the job VERY WELL

  20. Tommy Levesque

    bon gout, pas cher best deal

  21. Dezhe

    Another top cart from CG. Not a Sativa fan, but this tastes wonderful!
    A definite reorder!

  22. Jayman03

    Taste like real pineapple wow.. potency is there as well left me buzzed for hours.

  23. zesmokezeze

    CG kills it. Theyve got it all. Taste, potency, price. I cant wait to try all the flavours.

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