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CG Extracts – Rechargeable Battery Kit



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Brand: CG Extracts

CONTENTS: Rechargeable battery and USB Charger

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Weight 1 g

11 reviews for CG Extracts – Rechargeable Battery Kit

  1. beardedbunny

    Works awesome with the CG carts. Feels pretty flimsy (like all of the vape batteries) so only 4stars, but at this price that’s expected anyway. I’m a little nervous about its longevity (I’m clumsy) but otherwise this is a simple and slick little unit.

  2. mokenami

    pretty good

  3. Kushdiet

    Works good, fast shipping

  4. Claire Fiddler

    Works good, the only thing is that it takes like 4-5 hours to charge

  5. Claire Fiddler

    I had to buy another one because it takes so long to charge one

  6. Claire Fiddler

    I forgot to add you get about 115-120 hits off one full charge of 4-5 hours.

  7. Pstefan1

    Excellent battery. Does the job. My mod broke and decided to cheap out and get this one. It works fantastic.

  8. Austin902

    Good pen takes a while to charge tho, I like the auto drawl feature, no need to turn it on or off it’s just already to go.

  9. elverm88

    Excellent battery

  10. Kira07

    Was only 20 dollars so im happy with these battery pens works really good bought 2 of them

  11. Boah B

    Works great

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