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CG Premium Extracts – Crumble – Cookies and Cream



Strain Type: 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
Medical Usage: Chronic Pain | Depression | Insomnia | Loss of Appetite | Muscle Spasms | Nausea | Stress
THC Content: 26% Highest

CG Premium Extracts – Crumble – Cookies and Cream

CG Premium Extracts – Crumble – Cookies and Cream. Known for its distinct texture and exceptional potency, crumble stands as a top choice for both recreational and medicinal users seeking a robust and flavourful experience. Our THC crumble delivers a highly potent cannabis concentrate, boasting THC levels between 60-90%. With its unique, crumbly texture, light yellow to amber colour, and dry consistency, it is incredibly easy to handle and dose. We create it through a meticulous solvent-based extraction process using butane or CO2, which retains the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes from the original cannabis plant.

We craft our Crumble from the finest cannabis strains and subject it to rigorous lab testing to ensure it remains free from contaminants and consistently potent. This high-quality concentrate captures the essence of the original plant, offering a rich, complex flavour and aroma profile. Additionally, our extraction process preserves natural terpenes, enhancing the overall experience with diverse flavours and aromas.

Our Crumble caters to various consumption preferences and proves incredibly versatile. Whether you prefer dabbing, vaping, or adding a potent boost to your favourite flower, our Crumble delivers. Its texture allows for precise dosing, ensuring you get the exact amount you need every time. Experience the rapid onset of effects with our Crumble concentrates. Ideal for those seeking immediate relief or a quick, intense high, this concentrate delivers a potent punch that acts both fast and lasts long.

Discover the unparalleled potency and purity of THC Crumble Concentrates from CG Premium Extracts. Order now and transform your cannabis experience with this exceptional product!

Cookies and Cream

Cookies and Cream, an award-winning hybrid strain (60% indica/40% sativa), comes from a cross of Starfighter with an unknown Girl Scout Cookies phenotype. It claimed 1st Place for Best Hybrid at the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup due to its delicious flavour and potent effects. True to its name, Cookies and Cream offers a sweet vanilla and nutty earth flavour with a creamy butter finish. Furthermore, the aroma matches, featuring sweet nutty earth and hints of vanilla.

In terms of appearance, this strain showcases fluffy, popcorn-shaped dark green nugs with dark purple undertones, fiery orange hairs, and a frosty layer of clear crystal trichomes. Additionally, the high starts with a euphoric and creative head lift, which feels both uplifting and energizing. This initial effect transitions into a relaxing, sleepy sensation, leaving users blissfully unaware of pain or their surroundings.

With a powerful 26% average THC level, Cookies and Cream effectively treats chronic stress, anxiety, nausea, insomnia, muscle spasms, and depression. These benefits make this strain a versatile option for various medical conditions.

Overall, Cookies and Cream stands out for its flavour, aroma, and balanced, long-lasting effects. Consequently, it remains a favourite among hybrid lovers and those seeking both recreational and medicinal benefits.

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38 reviews for CG Premium Extracts – Crumble – Cookies and Cream

  1. Shane (verified owner)

    Tastiest concentrate so far from WTF. It’s smooth creamy and just cookies lol. Will buy again

  2. James (verified owner)

    Love the color and flavor of this one, plus the grams are huge!!

  3. Quazzyy001 (verified owner)

    Couldn’t believe the look of it when I opened, nice job!!

  4. PuffMcGruff


  5. Mage (verified owner)

    tasty and dabbed clean would buy again without second thought.

  6. indacouch (verified owner)

    great priced dabs, would buy again!

  7. Boah B

    10/10 high.
    Tastes and smells phenomenal for a crumble/budder.
    Smokes great and would 100% buy again

  8. Louka berard (verified owner)

    stuff was amazing. Shouldve grabbed a oz

  9. Kdipizzo

    Cookies and cream for santa

  10. toast88 (verified owner)

    Really nice! One of the best I’ve tried so far from WTF. On the same level as the bubbas gift budder.

  11. Jeffrey hudon (verified owner)

    pour le prix ya rien a dire mes sa la un gout plus roff que la normal sinon ses bien merci wtf

  12. Kevin Sarkar (verified owner)

    So tasty

  13. Ranni (verified owner)


  14. mimics (verified owner)

    Came in a huge rock, looks and smells amazing

    love it

  15. jtbooey (verified owner)

    I Liked Alot!

  16. jay (verified owner)

    This is great stuff! It’s pretty smooth, and it hits really nicely. This is one of the terpiest strains I’ve tried here on WTF so far. It tastes skunky, cheesy and citrusy. It leaves a tiny bit of a burn in my throat compared to some of my favourites here in WTF, that’s why I’ve rated it four stars instead of five. I’d gladly grab more though!

  17. superdude2000 (verified owner)

    great value love Cg stuff

  18. Mccormme (verified owner)

    Second time ordering this. Love it. The grams are huge. Lasts forever

  19. superdude2000 (verified owner)

    Ive been adding this to my bongrips and it gets me ripped, buying more!

  20. cookiesandcream9

    Crazy smooth! This has got to be my favourite crumble. Made me and my girl crack up just looking at each other! HAHA

  21. Tigouin (verified owner)

    Taste just like cookies ans cream.
    Grams are huge.
    Great for insomnia or if you want to just chill in the couch!

  22. henry green

    tastiest crumble on here without a doubt

  23. Penelope Legge

    i love this crumble, gives me great energy and gets me going at work.

  24. Carl Errol

    Smooth from start to finish loved this one, try it you won’t regret 🙂

  25. Natalie Perejo

    One of the best crumbles Ive tried, and Ive tried many! Flavour, consistency and of course the high is all top notch. Highly reccomend this

  26. Jamal Orien

    Way too good to pass up on this crumble can hit it in your pipe too, but I would suggest adding it to something else too

  27. Anabelle Peaks

    I always make sure to grab this everytime I place an order, its just THAT good!

  28. Gari

    good quality control and well made by WTF !!

  29. Aiden90

    my friend and me are really love it . so so nice smell and quality

  30. Dominique Kidd

    Amazing high and lasts a long time.

  31. Chloe Kim

    A great way to spice up your ice cream a little

  32. shibal

    third time in my cart 🙂

  33. Amelia J

    Quite a delicious crumble that I’ve come across and I will be ordering more

  34. bobbybuschow

    fills you with an uplifting energy

  35. DeadSleepyPotato

    love the coloring on this really does look like cookies and cream

  36. Beaverguy

    extremely heavy hitting high

  37. saturn

    i love road trips and glad i have this to bring along now

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