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CG Premium Extracts – Premium Budder – 24K Gold


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24K Gold is a slightly indica dominant hybrid (60% indica/40% sativa) strain created through crossing the flavourful Kosher Kush X Tangie strains. 24K Gold gets its name from its A+ flavour and jaw-dropping frosty gold appearance. 24K Gold has a sweet aroma of pungent sweet tangerines with a hint of sugary skunk. The flavour is of sweet ripe citrus with hints of skunk that are surprisingly flavourful. The flavour of 24K Gold will definitely get you hooked, but the effects are what will keep you coming back for more. The 24K Gold high is one that is happy and uplifted in nature, perfect for putting anyone in a good mood during the day or night. It hits you first with a euphoric lift that is slightly calming in nature, numbing mental pains while infusing you with a slight sense of energy. As this high builds, you’ll become more and more relaxed, leaving you with a sense of ease without feeling lazy. These effects and its 18-24% average THC level give 24K Gold an edge in treating conditions such as chronic stress, depression, insomnia, chronic fatigue, and inflammation.

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13 reviews for CG Premium Extracts – Premium Budder – 24K Gold

  1. Maryjane (verified owner)

    Love the buzz super chill and relaxing mental stimulation and decent pain relief. Would highly recommend!

  2. NextCell (verified owner)

    Nice chill buzz, smells and tastes great!

  3. Z (verified owner)

    Amazing product overall. Looks and tastes great, thanks for the spectacular service as well!

  4. Frosty-Nugz (verified owner)

    It’s decently potent … has a nice citrus taste to

  5. Mage (verified owner)

    had a bit of a bite to it but dabbed clean and hit hard overall very pleased.

  6. Alexa Blais (verified owner)

    J’aime vraiment celle là , un bon goût !

  7. Kdipizzo

    Literally had gold goods

  8. Marinated Steak (verified owner)

    great stuff, had a item missing from my order and the customer service was one of the best i’ve ever seen from a MoM.

  9. Ranni (verified owner)


  10. kyliebcam (verified owner)

    Super content right now! Mellow, relaxed. I expect to have a good sleep. This was my first order and I’m so excited to try more!

  11. WeeBo (verified owner)

    Not bad for a hybrid, doesn’t hit as hard as I would like, but that could be me. All else very good.

  12. Patates (verified owner)

    de la criss de merde clairement plus claire que sur la photo et en plus sa gèle pas du tout voici la définition de fumer seulement pour le gout

  13. Patates (verified owner)


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