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CG Premium Extracts – Premium Budder – Bubba’s Gift


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This medical marijuana hybrid variety is an Indica dominant cross between ‘God’s Gift’ & ‘Bubba Kush’. Bubba Kush is the hybrid between Bubblegum & Hindu Kush, and God’s Gift is the hybrid between OG Kush & Granddaddy Purple. Bubba’s Gift is a strong Indica-dominant strain and the Indica/Sativa percentage are nearly close to that pure Indica strain. The buds of this plant are large & extremely dense, covered with orange-brown coloured hairs. The flowers will be ripe and appear snowy just like the buds. The aroma is sweet with the earthy & dessert spicy odors. When the plant is grounded or crushed, a complex blend of smells would emerge. The flavour of this strain distinguishes from the smell. The different sorts of sweetness that are dominating the aroma are subtle in the flavour. Typically, this is the night-time strain that is recommended in order to get relaxed quickly. This strain could also be a good appetite stimulator. This can be a good pain-reliever and is extremely euphoric. Bubba’s Gift can also be taken for relieving anxiety, depression & stress.

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5 reviews for CG Premium Extracts – Premium Budder – Bubba’s Gift

  1. johnnycoolfri (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic for the price! Super terpy and fresh, probably some of the nicer budder ive bought in a long while. Strong high too. Def recommend!

  2. Sara Sherban (verified owner)

    Absolutely blown away by this budder, CG knocked it out of the fucking park!!!

  3. Juvia (verified owner)

    This stuff worth every penny you’ve spended in your pocket

  4. Ranni (verified owner)


  5. Rory Stewart (verified owner)

    This is honestly hands down the best budder I’ve ever smoked. I have really only been smoking live resin lately but decided to give this a try because it looked nice and the price was right.

    It’s actually a much lighter, yellow/golden color than the photo. Smells and tastes great. Potent, and very clean, minimal residue leftover in my banger.

    This has changed my mind about budder and I will be trying more of their premium varieties in the future.

    Nailed it WTF! Thanks!

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