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CG – Shatter – Green Crush



Strain Type: 100% Sativa
Medical Usage: Anxiety | Chronic Pain | Depression | Loss of Appetite
THC Content: 16% Highest
CBD Content: 3% Highest

CG – Shatter – Green Crush

CG – Shatter – Green Crush. Discover the power and purity of shatter concentrates, the go-to choice for cannabis enthusiasts seeking an intense and clean experience. Shatter is a type of cannabis concentrate known for its glass-like texture and high potency, typically boasting THC levels between 70-90%. This translucent, amber-coloured extract delivers a robust and long-lasting high, making it perfect for both recreational and medicinal users.

Crafted through a meticulous extraction process, shatter retains a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes, ensuring a flavourful and aromatic experience. Its stable, brittle consistency makes it easy to handle and ideal for dabbing, vaping, or adding to your favourite flower for an extra kick.

Whether you’re looking for powerful relief from pain, anxiety, or insomnia, or simply want to elevate your cannabis experience, shatter concentrates offer a potent, flavourful solution. Dive into the world of shatter and unlock a superior level of enjoyment and therapeutic benefit.

Green Crush

Green Crush is a 100% pure sativa strain known for its high CBD levels (2-3%) and moderate THC content (12-16%). This strain, a potent cross between Skunk and AK-48/Sweet Leaf strains, features dense, heart-shaped neon green nugs with amber undertones and thick blue hairs, all coated in trichomes and resin. Furthermore, Green Crush emits an earthy sweet skunk aroma with vanilla accents and has a skunky taste with hints of buttery caramel.

Users experience an extreme euphoric cerebral head high that gradually builds until reaching peak happiness and mental relief. Consequently, it leaves them uplifted, focused, creative, and motivated. As a result, many choose Green Crush for wake-and-bake sessions. Because of its potent sativa effects, Green Crush effectively treats anxiety, chronic pain, depression, and appetite loss.

Overall, Green Crush offers a unique combination of high CBD levels and moderate THC content, providing a versatile choice for both recreational and medicinal users.

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6 reviews for CG – Shatter – Green Crush

  1. Sookeperson (verified owner)

    Their name isnt bs, this is premium shatter.
    Beautiful, brittle and undamaged in transit, hits like a truck but tastes like rainforest.
    Do what you want.

  2. K_I_E_F (verified owner)

    I’ve smoked a lot of shatter in my life. This one was alright. Didn’t find it too potent but at the same time I didn’t find it not potent. Kinda in the middle but still give it 10/10 for quality and how it wasn’t shattered or cracked during delivery!

  3. Mattusphere (verified owner)

    My favourite sativa shatter from CG so far. Tried all the ones that I’ve seen available and this had the best taste and wasn’t waxy at all

  4. Sexxxyboy420 (verified owner)

    Great Sativa shatter.

  5. MaestroMusic (verified owner)

    Good taste and got me high but when I buy shatter, I want it to… Yano “Shatter”
    Auto butter:(

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