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Chewda – Blue Raspberries – 500mg CBD



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100mg Per Piece. 5 Pieces Per Pack

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8 reviews for Chewda – Blue Raspberries – 500mg CBD

  1. Annie Siveto

    Ate the whole bag in one sitting and fell right asleep. made my. body feel soft as a feather upon waking up. blue raspberries are sooooo delicious!

  2. Coco48

    Great deal and great quality strains

  3. Tooks Tom

    boutta name my island on animal crossing wtf cannabis everything on here is so good

  4. Dinkley

    One of my favorite things to do is get high on this and watch Binging with Babish and attempt to create one of his dishes

  5. Mike Oxmaul

    why did i not buy this shit sooner

  6. Jonah Soon

    Oh my goodness this is just stunning. You guys clearly put your heart and soul into each gummy

  7. Meowijuanalover

    Love WTF almost as much as my cats 😘😘

  8. YVR air

    One way to make you feel zen

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