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Chewda – Blue Raspberries – 200mg CBD



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40mg Per Piece. 5 Pieces Per Pack

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13 reviews for Chewda – Blue Raspberries – 200mg CBD

  1. Hilda

    I really like this flavour! I use this when I get back pain and I find it helps a lot

  2. Highguysmokes

    this flavor is amazing. tried it with my boys and we all loved it, had a great gaming session

  3. summermadness


  4. athermo

    i’ve always found the blue raspberry flavor one to ease me at my worst and put it into an edible is a dream come true

  5. 6nug

    got me madd high

  6. enfic

    damn i knew right off the bat these would be gas bro. everytime i try something thats blue raspberry its always a good time and these eddies were just that. nice long lasting buzz and gave me a bit of the munchies too, perfect way to end the night

  7. DrOctavious

    These edibles are so flavorful

  8. Driplord

    I’m surprised how quick shipping is! Especially if there aren’t any holidays around it’s super fast

  9. Issac Fisher

    Yo this one is one of my favorites

  10. Grimsloth

    oui oui i love shoui’d

  11. Boatrider10

    One of the best products ive tried u cant go wrong with this

  12. YaLikeJazz

    Aint nobody got nothing on this

  13. Benny Family

    One way to get through family camp…

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