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Chewda – Cheeky Cherries – 200mg CBD



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40mg Per Piece. 5 Pieces Per Pack

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10 reviews for Chewda – Cheeky Cherries – 200mg CBD

  1. summermadness

    put me right to bed and have never slept as good before

  2. athermo

    gave my friends and i an unforgettable high

  3. 6nug

    definitely one of the better highs ive had

  4. enfic

    gives u a nice ass buzz

  5. DrOctavious

    Tastes even better than the regular candy!

  6. Driplord

    Love using this one during the summer

  7. Mandy

    Giving this cannabis-infused candy is a try one of the best decisions I’ve made I just love it

  8. Issac Fisher

    Definitely see myself buying this again

  9. Grimsloth

    So high I thought the dog shit in my living room was diglet lmao wtf

  10. Boatrider10

    Perfect for bake and wake heehee

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